Hurricane survivors are helped with mobile housing units

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. — Central Florida has been hit hard by hurricanes lately, leaving many families homeless or with damaged homes that needed repairs.

However, there is hope on the horizon as the state’s Disaster Management Department steps in to provide temporary shelter and assistance to those in need.

Know Before You Go A government program has created temporary shelters for those affected by the recent hurricanes

Those who sought the federal aid must have been turned down by FEMA

266 pendants have been issued statewide by this program and 38 have been issued in Volusia County to date

One such family is Jim Towsley and his wife, who live in two houses on about a quarter of an acre in New Smyrna Beach.

Her main home is still being reassembled after the flood damage caused by Hurricane Ian.

Denied for a @fema trailer (pic 1)? Fear not, the FL Division of Emergency Management might have one for you (pic 2). Story tonight on @MyNews13 with more on how these months after Hurricane Ian are shaping up for the people of Volusia County.

— Spectrum News Asher Wildman (@AsherWildman13) February 22, 2023

After the couple applied for temporary housing from FEMA and was denied, the couple received a call from the Florida Department of Emergency Management, which offered them a temporary trailer through an application for non-community housing assistance.

“I got a call and the lady said she was on the Florida thing. She said you applied for a trailer,” tries to mimic Volusia County’s Jim Towsley. “I was like haha ​​did I?”

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Up until a week ago, Jim and his wife were staying at a friend’s house about 12 miles from the house they are rebuilding.

The program that allowed Jim to obtain this trailer is specifically for those affected by Hurricane Ian who have been denied housing assistance by FEMA.

A total of 266 trailers have been issued statewide under this program and 38 have been issued in Volusia County to date.

Although there is currently no set number of units that the state can make available to eligible applicants, the deadline for this program was February 17.

In addition to the state program, FEMA has approved 39 mobile housing units in Volusia County and one mobile home.

Contrary to the state program, Volusia County is the only county in central Florida that has been approved for direct housing as of now.

For Jim and his wife, the makeshift trailer offers more than just a place to sleep.

Jim says he can work more on his damaged house now that he’s closer and can easily take breaks in the trailer.

“I can just go in here and relax for a while and then go back,” he said.

While they hope to return to their original homes soon, they are grateful for the temporary housing that the state has made available to them.