Hyderabad Hydras to focus on new state mobile if BGMI doesn’t return in January

nishant”iFlicksHyderabad Hydras trainer Murlidharan recently spoke about the organization’s plans for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and New State Mobile. The trainer stated that if BGMI doesn’t return before January, he will persuade his organization to focus on Krafton’s other battle royale title, New State Mobile. He claimed he would allocate the organization’s saved investments for the BGMI roster to the New State Mobile roster.

Gamers and organizations seeking refuge in New State Mobile amid BGMI’s suspension

The Government of India suspended BGMI in July 2022 under Section 69A of the IT Act 2000. Although the game was suspended rather than banned, there has been no official news of its return since its suspension. On the other hand, due to the unavailability of BGMI, New State Mobile is gaining momentum and gaining popularity across India thanks to the similarities between these two titles. In recent months, several Indian esports organizations including S8UL Esports and GodLike Esports have signed the New State Mobile roster.

In a recent live stream, one of the iFlicks viewers asked him if he had any news on BGMI’s return. When he replied to this, he denied it, saying: “If BGMI doesn’t return in January, I’ll be prepared to allocate all the investments saved for BGMI to New State Mobile. I will also convince my organization of this.” He then explained his statement in detail. “Currently, we have provided the iPhone 11 to our players, but our goal is to provide the iPhone 13 Pro Max. If BGMI doesn’t come back by January, we will reallocate that investment to the New State Mobile roster. We will invest in the New State Mobile roster, engage in appropriate marketing, and advance New State Mobile.” he said.

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Esports by signing the former squad playing under the name The Killing Spree (TKS). In the last one, this team showed an impressive performance and finished seventh. Although Hyderabad Hydras signed the squad, it did not change its name in the tournament. iFlicks revealed why, saying: “The name could not be changed to Hyderabad Hydras because the tournament organizer did not allow a change during the tournament.”

It has been almost five months since BGMI was suspended in the country. While there hasn’t been an official update on the game’s return, Krafton stated in a recent press release that it’s trying to resume BGMI services in India and even India. Based on recent developments, it is evident that Krafton is working towards a resolution of the suspension. However, it’s unclear how long it would take to restart the game.