‘I Didn’t Make a Political Statement’: After she broke the internet, Jennifer Lawrence admits the real reason for her bold move

The Cannes 2023 red carpet was graced with notable fashion moments, and a particular highlight was the unforgettable performance by Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence attended the screening of their newly produced documentary Bread and Roses along with director Sahra Mani and producer Justine Ciarrocchi. However, it wasn’t just her stunning cherry red couture dress by Christian Dior that made a statement.

Lawrence went for a surprising twist by pairing the elegant dress with flip flops, showing off her unique style and comfort. Her fashion choices never ceased to amaze us, and this time was no exception. We admire her confidence and applaud her for breaking the norm on the red carpet.

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Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence reveals the real reason for wearing flip flops at Cannes 2023

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jennifer Lawrence opened up about why she chose to wear black flip-flops on the red carpet at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The acclaimed actress made it clear that her decision was not driven by a political agenda, although she did mention she wouldn’t shy away from making a statement if she wanted to.

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Jennifer Lawrence with the cast of Anatomy of a Fall

“I haven’t made any political statement, not that I wouldn’t,” she clarified to the publication.

Lawrence, known for her roles in movies like The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook, expressed surprise at the controversy over whether people wore ballet flats or went barefoot on the red carpet: “I had no idea.” My shoes were a size too big,” the Hollywood star admitted. She explained that she needed to take a picture with her cast from “Anatomy of a Fall” and was aware that she could trip in shoes that were too big for her.

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Jennifer Lawrence in flip flops at Cannes 2023

“I knew I was going to drown in shoes that were a size too big,” she said. Hence, she went for “the flip-flops,” leading to an exaggerated reaction from people who took it as a conscious statement.

“I am fully in favor of making a statement. I just want it to be intentional.”

What is ‘No Hard Feelings’ starring Jennifer Lawrence about?

The upcoming Jennifer Lawrence star, “No Hard Feelings,” revolves around a captivating Long Island character who lacks direction in life. In the film, this character is hired by a wealthy couple to take care of their introverted son and offer him company before he goes to college. The project takes inspiration from acclaimed films such as Bad Teacher and Risky Business and is directed by director Gene Stupnitsky. Stupnitsky is known for his work on popular TV sitcoms, including directing and writing episodes for The Office such as The Lover and The Michael Scott Paper Company.

The official summary reads:

“Maddie (Lawrence) thinks she’s found the answer to her financial woes when she comes across an interesting job ad: Wealthy helicopter parents are looking for someone to ‘date’ their introverted 19-year-old son Percy and get him out of his shell before he goes to college. But the clumsy Percy poses more of a challenge than she anticipated, and time is running out. She only has one summer to make a man out of him or she loses everything.”

Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t have hard feelings

The production team boasts an array of talented producers including Jennifer Lawrence, Alex Saks, Naomi Odenkirk, Marc Provissiero and Justine Ciarrocchi.

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Additionally, John Phillips and Kerry Orent bring their expertise as executive producers. Known for her exceptional acting skills, Jennifer Lawrence is expanding her involvement with the film by taking on a producer role and bringing her unique creative perspective to the project.

No Hard Feelings is scheduled to premiere on June 23, 2023.

Source: ET