I Have ADHD. These 24 Practical Buys Genuinely Help Me On The Daily

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My teenage years consisted of being late for everything, quiet stress in class because I didn’t understand why I couldn’t concentrate, and lots of emotional outbursts because I felt generally overwhelmed at all times.

Constantly just to ‘hold on’, ieIt wasn’t until I disastrously failed my high school diploma (to the surprise of everyone but me) that the pieces of the puzzle were put together and I was diagnosed with ADHD.

Eight years later, like many adults with ADHD, a combination of good psychiatry and the right medication has really helped me. But I would place just as much value in the many hacks and products I’ve purchased over the years that now play a vital role in my everyday life.

Clearly, I absolutely have zero Qualifications to support my sermon. These are just the things I’ve found helpful in fighting time blindness, staying on top of tasks and administration, and staying focused throughout the workday.

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to encourage someone with ADHD to shop, but I hope some of them can help you too.

This vegetable cutter is great for those evenings when I really can’t be assless

If a recipe calls for too much chopping, I’ll probably delay cooking dinner for as long as possible. So I love this vegetable cutter because it is so easy to use. Simply chop your onion, carrot or pepper roughly, then close the lid and pull the handle several times to dice into small pieces.

When it comes to noise cancellation, I simply can’t fault these headphones

Don’t get me wrong – these headphones are quite an investment. But whether I’m in the office or just walking down the main street, I find background noise both unsettling and distracting, so noise-cancellation is a must for me. And these are just amazing!

Sleeping under a weighted blanket really helps me stay calm

My brain is in overdrive at night, so it’s hard for me to really relax when I’m in bed. But there is something so calming about the nice pressure of this weighted blanket that it makes me feel a lot more comfortable and as a result I fall asleep a lot easier.

When I’m done after work I really love coming home for a hot dinner

I always find that my energy reserves are very low in the evenings – it can seem very difficult to put together a whole meal. That’s why I love my slow cooker, because it allows me to make dinner in the morning and when I get home from work, all I have to do is set things up!

I’m all for gadgets like this that do the jobs I dread

Since the door is closed most of the time, it’s very easy for me to forget that the microwave will get dirty if it’s not cleaned regularly. I love that I can just fill this lady up with vinegar and water, pop her in the microwave, turn it on for five minutes and let her go about cleaning it up.

I use this file box to keep track of paperwork as easy as possible

People with ADHD can be pretty bad at keeping track of paperwork, so I use this lockable filing box to keep all of the important documents like bills and contracts in one place and organize them neatly by labeling the suspension files.

This water bottle is easy to drink and dishwasher safe

I’m terrible at forgetting to drink until I suddenly feel really groggy and dehydrated. I love this bottle because it comes with a straw which is easy to sip from and it’s also dishwasher safe making it much more likely to actually get washed.

Standing while working helps me stay a lot more alert and focused

I find I work a lot better when I’m on my feet or even walking, so this handy converter was great for turning my desk into a bar table when I need an energy boost. It looks really chic, is significantly cheaper than buying a real standing desk and folds up super fast.

This quick kit is ideal when a full floor clean feels overwhelming

When I feel like my floors aren’t clean, I can’t really relax. So when I can’t bear to wrestle the mop and bucket out of the closet, I just attach a wet cloth to my speed mop and give them a quick check.

Alexa is my number one choice for timers and reminders

I’ve always been a little skeptical of Alexa, but she has actually been so helpful in keeping my day on track. A key part of my morning routine is that I use Alexa to set timers to keep track of how long it takes me to get ready and have her remind me when I need to leave the house when I’m taking my train .

My shower shines longer with this no-rinse spray

If I know I need to do a “big clean,” I’ll probably put it off for far too long. So I keep this spray next to my shampoo and conditioner and have made a habit of using it after every shower to keep my tiles shiny with minimal effort. Plus it smells amazing!

And this toilet cleaner takes the stress out of another terrible bathroom chore

In case it wasn’t obvious, cleaning the bathroom has become a huge mental block for me. So this toilet cleaning foam is another product that I use regularly to keep the room looking nice. It activates itself – so all I have to do is pour it in and let it sink in.

I’m much less likely to run out of meds when using this pill organizer

Medication helps me function properly, but I’m really terrible at planning ahead and making sure I put another prescription in before I run out. So having organized my pills weekly makes it much easier to keep track of my stash.

I keep a storage box in every room for when the clutter gets overwhelming

When I’m trying to get my work done and there’s too much clutter around me, I find it really difficult to concentrate. So having storage containers around my house makes it easy to quickly move things out of sight so I can properly store them later.

Having a specific place for my keys and wallet prevents me from losing them

To keep track of which pocket, gym bag, or backpack my personal belongings are in, I’ve made it a habit to place my purse, headphones, sunglasses, and keys on this tiered shelf as soon as I step through the door. Of course you don’t have to use this one – but I love that it has two levels.

If you are hypersensitive to light, opt for smart light bulbs

Whether I’m trying to get something done or relaxing, I find sitting under bright white light really distracting and unsettling. I used to specifically seek amber lightbulbs, but now I’m a real convert for smart options as they are fully customizable.

Fake foliage looks a lot better than plants you keep forgetting to water

I’d honestly love to be a plant parent, but the reality is I can barely hydrate myself – let alone another living organism. So faux foliage that looks truly authentic is the next best thing.

These pre-chopped cans are a cooking crime but an ADHD victory

When I’m feeling drained, the simple yet tricky task of crushing a head of garlic is enough to keep me from making dinner. So these pre-chopped garlic, ginger, and chilli bowls are a firm favorite.

I always forget to drink my coffee so this mug warmer was great

As soon as I hyperfocus on a task, I completely forget about the hot drink sitting in front of me. So this mug warmer has saved me from going into the microwave at least twice during the morning to warm up my lukewarm coffee.

This sunrise alarm clock has made getting up so much easier

I’m absolutely terrible at getting up in the morning – but this sunrise alarm clock made it a whole lot easier. I feel less and less like waking up startled and therefore hit the snooze a lot less.

I use creative kits like this to keep my hands busy so I don’t pick at the skin

Like many adults with ADHD, I am guilty of picking my skin and biting my nails when my hands are idle. So to keep my hands busy while I watch TV at night, a simple cross stitch kit like this is the perfect mindless chore. Plus, I end up with a gorgeous tapestry!

This handy tracker helps me find my keys quickly

When it comes to catching my train in the morning, I’m already guilty of cutting it short great Good – so I really don’t have time to look for my keys. But with this tracker I can find them in a minute!

I use this microwave rice cooker to make a quick meal

This rice cooker has been a lifesaver for those days when I don’t have the energy to cook but want to make a meal with minimal effort. After eight minutes in the microwave, you’ll have deliciously fluffy grains that you can pair with whatever you decide to throw in the oven.

To keep track of my groceries, I put everything in clear storage containers

When I open my fridge or cupboards and find them cluttered and in utter chaos, I get too overwhelmed to cook. That’s why I use acrylic organizers to make sure I can see everything at all times – which also helps ensure I end up only buying what I want actually to need.