I tested the USB device to pour the perfect pint of Guinness at home and it’s brilliant

Guinness has launched a USB-powered gadget to help fans pour the perfect pint at home, and TikTok is crazy about it. But is it really like a pint in a pub? It’s a tough job, but we put it to the test.

The Guinness Nitrosurge has gone viral on TikTok as the ultimate way to drink Guinness at home (Narin Flanders)

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The trend of enjoying a drink at home took off during the pandemic, often accompanied by Zoom quizzes and other types of virtual socializing. Since things have reopened, many of us are trying to socialize on a budget in the face of the rising cost of living.

While a glass of wine can easily be enjoyed at home, beer drinkers know that there’s nothing quite like a pint on tap.

There are quite a few options for the home in this regard as there are now many draft beer pumps available to pour from the kitchen counter when required. But with prices ranging from £114 (for the Fizzics DraftPour) to a whopping £335 (for Beerhawk’s top-of-the-line Perfect Draft Pro), it suddenly doesn’t feel that expensive to hit the pub and shell out £7 a pint comparison finally.

Guinness caused quite a stir this week, launching its first foray into high-tech home casting, and not only is it the first product on the market made specifically to work with the black stuff, it costs a fraction the price of the current high-tech pumps currently available.

The Nitrosurge is a £25 USB powered gadget that uses ultrasonic technology to break down the nitrogen in Guinness, allowing fans to recreate this iconic colour-changing smooth two-piece cast at home.

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Since its launch, shoppers across the country have bought it, and videos on TikTok showcasing the iconic beverage have been viewed hundreds of millions of times.

Launched in Ireland late last year, the Nitrosurge is now finally available in the UK for the first time.

It’s currently available exclusively in Tesco stores nationwide – clubcard holders can even get £3 off the price, although eBay is also doing a roaring business with smart shoppers selling the gadgets to people who can’t get them in their local supermarkets .

Is it actually possible to get a decent pint of Guinness at home? That’s what the engineers behind the product say.

The device is said to be an ultrasonic transducer with a specially tuned wavelength and frequency to deliver a distinctive surge every time.

I’m not sure what the science is behind this, but I was dying to put Neil Shah, the head of Guinness GB, to the test. He said: “We pushed the boundaries of technology to offer Guinness fans an enhanced pouring experience that delivers beautiful, great tasting Guinness every time.”

As someone who accidentally makes a can of Brewdog’s Punk look like ice cream while pouring without a proper concentration at home (I’d never normally drink Guinness out of a can), I haven’t been able to figure out if I’m the perfect guinea pig for the gadget or the absolute worst.

Time would tell.

Using the Guinness Nitrosurge Charge the Nitrosurge device using the supplied USB charger. There’s even a lighted harp on the front that flashes so you can tell it’s charging properly. Once it’s ready grab a cold can of Guinness Nitrosurge (it doesn’t work with regular cans, you’ll need to buy the Nitrosurge compatibles which are currently available from Tesco at £7 for four cans if you have a clubcard, £8 If you do not). For best results, make sure your can has been refrigerated for at least 24 hours. Insert the can firmly into the device, making sure the device nozzle is aligned with the can opening. Press the power button to activate the widget. The iconic Guinness harp lights up to let you know the device is ready to go. Pour your pint the way the best Guinnesses are made: turn the can horizontally and angle the glass so the nozzle dribbles the Guinness down the side. Once it’s two-thirds full, set it aside to let the drink settle. Then top up to create the iconic creamy foam head. Final Verdict

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As someone who loves Guinness but only drinks it in places that I know are properly poured, I wasn’t convinced before I tried it.

Despite my misgivings, I was happy with the outcome of my pint even the first time I poured with it (pictured), and the end result only improves with practice.

While cleaning the Nitrosurge is a bit fiddly – not least because it has a USB port that you don’t want to get wet – it’s totally worth the effort.

What’s more, the gadget only costs £22 to make it possible – and there’s no massive beer pump to find cupboard space for afterward (it’s even small enough to slip into a drink cooler on the go) – this is genius.

I’ve already added a few extra cans of Nitrosurge to my Tesco online order for this weekend, perfect for an upcoming rugby weekend.

The velvety goodness of a big pint of the black stuff is definitely within reach at home now.

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