I was afraid of losing years of WhatsApp chats and with this digital app I transferred my entire life from Android to IOS

There are documents that you keep and others that capture your memory. My kids take a trip to the zoo and do dozens of activities thrown by proud birds. A typical group of parents where the camp oversees activities. The ditto where the next anniversary’s journey is discussed. Digitized by MEMORIAM MOTHER’S FAMILY BUILT AND. The demos of the song are filtered out of the group first for me. Conversations with the dentist or conversations with my brother, whom I make fun of, are close to my heart. Whatsapp stacks of memes alongside digital pieces we want to keep forever.

Digital minimalism is not my thing, I’m more of a digital geek. So you can imagine what it would be like to switch to iOS after 10 years on Android, which is what I decided to do last year. What I couldn’t imagine is that the process is so easy and intuitive.

How to transfer all data on WhatsApp from Android to iOS

And this process couldn’t be better than I expected. Without having to create backups or keep backup copies in Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud. I haven’t lost anything, except for a small inconvenience: the installed applications are not synchronized, I took the opportunity to clean and choose what matters most to me in this new phase with iOS.

In this regard, access the settings of your Android phone and in the Accounts section, force synchronization so that the last saved backup is as recent as possible. You can do this on WhatsApp so you have access to a cloud copy that has all the latest conversations and conversations.

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To avoid incompatibilities, it is important to highlight that both MAS and iOS devices need to be updated to the latest versions. Whatsapp should also be installed in its latest iteration. You can verify this by accessing the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger for Android and WhatsApp Traveler for iPhone. Once we pass.

The app in question is called “Go to iOS” and the process is as simple as this:

Sync the WiFi network between both devices by checking if both are connected to the same network name. Download and install the Move to iOS application on your Android device. Open the app and select the iPhone device you want to export your data to. Your IP will be displayed, you just have to select it and click to accept. Now select the files you want to transfer. In my case, I chose everything: all images are disturbed, all conversations and messages are saved, contacts and reminders from the calendar and all WhatsApp. You can also select individual files or folders that are most important to you, so you can export only gifts or videos in .MP4 format from your Android phone to your iPhone. Once selected, press “Next” and your changes will also be reflected on the iPhone that will receive messages.

Handover is slow, so it is very important that none of the systems are running on battery power. If necessary, leave both terminals connected to the current data transfer, as the waiting time depends on the amount of data to be exported. In my case it was almost 40GB, which took 39 minutes to sync on a 5G WiFi connection at 300Mbps.

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What is Export WhatsApp Chats from iOS to Android?

On the other hand, since I could verify that everything was exported correctly, I wanted to check how exporting conversations from WhatsApp messages works on iOS, in case it should be necessary to go back to Android in the future. The process is also easy, just follow these steps;

Enter WhatsApp angel. Tap the “Kill” wheel in the bottom right corner. Now tap on the “Chats” section. You’ll see a new option to export chats, in addition to the “Chats to Android” option. The first option is to export the conversations between iOS terminals, the second to the Android phone. Choose the one that suits your needs and that’s it. The process is faster and you can choose to save just the text or even the attachments. I hope it works for you as it helped me.

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