iContact eye line web camera

iContact Eye Line Web Camera

Making eye contact on video calls is extremely difficult when your web camera is at the top of your laptop screen or desktop computer. iContact is a new eyeline web camera designed to provide the ability to connect with your conference call participants.

Designed by a professional video director, the iContact camera features a simple mount that allows you to quickly place and remove the camera from the center of your screen. Designed for screens of any thickness, the mounting system features an adjustable clamp and USB-C connector. Early Bird Pledges are available now for the novel project, starting at around $99 or £89 (depending on the current exchange rate)which offers a substantial discount of about 20% off the retail price while the Kickstarter crowd funding is ongoing.

Adjustable bracket

“My name is Stacy Nimmo. I’ve been a video director for most of my career. With video, it’s important to capture non-verbal communication so that we engage mentally and emotionally with the story. However, with the camera above the screen, there is a break for most visual communication cues. When you think you’re making eye contact, it looks like you’re looking down. When you face the camera you appear to make eye contact, but in reality you don’t see her at all. This makes the whole call feel unnatural. When your eyes dart from camera to person, it’s difficult to focus and you end up looking nervous and distracted.”


Assuming the iContact crowdfunding campaign successfully meets its required funding goal and project completion proceeds smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to occur sometime in December 2022. To learn more about the iContact eye-line web camera project, watch the promotional video below.

“The Contact Camera adapts easily to most computer screens and requires no additional software. I wanted to deliver better visual results and eliminate additional lighting devices, so I chose a camera with high light sensitivity and a diagonal field of view that closely resembles the design of the human eye.”

Eye line webcam

For a complete list of all available grant options, stretch goals, additional media and more features for the eyeline web camera, go to the official iContact crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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