IDC reports that PC monitor shipments fell to a record low in Q4 2022, expecting a rebound in 2024

Reports of stagnant shipments from manufacturers to retailers due to a lack of consumer purchases have plagued almost every market, especially when building a PC from the ground up or updating parts like monitors. Recently, International Data Corporation, or IDC, has been keeping a close eye on the PC monitor market, examining the top five PC display manufacturers to examine the devices’ market share in the fourth quarter and the information in an easy-to-understand analysis of the PC -Monitors published segment.

Fourth quarter 2022 PC monitor shipments fall to lowest percentage recorded by IDC

The IDC noted that computer display shipments grew 18.3% year over year in the fourth quarter of 2022. That showed a nearly six percent decline over the last year for 2022. The queried unit count was over 30.5 million displays, which is reportedly the lowest the company has seen in this market since its initial tracking, which began in 2008, according to IDC shows that Dell Technologies, HP Inc., Lenovo, TPV and Samsung reported a 16.2% decline in total shipments in the most recent quarter.

This is not surprising for the company and the media as several manufacturers are losing sales towards the end of 2022-2023. The overall drop is due to the shift in the market as remote work events during the pandemic prompt people to return to the workplace. Businesses hit by the economic losses during these years found that developing new technology would be more expensive to source supplies and manufacture parts. We are again in an economic slump due to regional blockades by the US and China causing further sales decline as parts and units are unavailable or at high cost to consumers.

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Monitors will remain a side issue for many buyers in the short term. Annual volume averaged around 125 million before COVID-19 and then increased to over 135 million in each of the past three years. It takes a while for the dust to settle. Consumers and businesses are realigning their priorities, but we remain confident that much of the recently expanded installed base will be enticed to upgrade in the years to come.

— Jay Chou, Research Manager for IDC’s Worldwide Client Device Trackers

IDC reports that we will see a “modest recovery” as early as next year, with inventories rising over that time. Visit IDC’s official website for more information on IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker or other data the analyst firm studies.

Source: TechPowerUp; I.D.C