“Idiot” on cellphone as kids run towards the edge of an 80ft blowhole where a woman died

A tourist was seen ignoring her children as they approached an infamous 80ft drop in Cornwall, where a woman died in 2018 after locals criticized the mother for her behaviour

You can see the two children on their way to the blowhole while the woman looks away (Facebook)

A horrified parent slammed an “idiot” who appeared to turn around and texted while two young children climbed down the rocks near an infamous blowhole.

Mum Harley said she watched in terror as the children made their way towards the 80ft hole at the Cornish landmark where a woman died in 2018 and a dog in 2020.

She says the woman appeared unaware of the potential danger they were in and that the children were no older than seven.

For safety reasons it is recommended to stay away from the round hole which is very close to the edge of the cliff and is not fenced.

The Great Blowhole in Cornwall (Geograph/Cornwall Live)

Cornwall Live reported that Harley said in a Facebook post: “We’ve seen it all this bank holiday.”

“However, this is the absolute price. Appears to be a mother with her children (clearly Key Level One) allowing them to go into the hole while she stands there with her back to them and uses her phone.”

The incident happened on Friday morning when Jo, her husband and their 16-year-old daughter were walking along the cliff path at Trevose Head, near Padstow.