If they make $150,000/year. This is the reason for a bloody revolution

by Colin Hyde

I guess I don’t like picking on anyone and I definitely don’t like appearing to pick on anyone, but this Mr. Richard Bradley is very provocative, aside from being the local champion of women’s rights is. You know that politicians should be in the crosshairs the most, but the PUPs have inherited a poisoned chalice, so they must be given a little space; the UDP, my Gudnis, somewhere someone says, never again; and in the Third Party Realm, Wil is fishing for barracuda with Valentino Shal, Nancy is raising ostriches, the VIP has become a peace movement, Patrick is writing a book and Audrey is into glamor and pumping iron. It’s a vacuum out there, save for Mr. Bradley, who has been a constant star since his Wednesday night show and the Caliente girls.

On the show “Wake up Belize” in Krem last week, I believe he told the show’s host, Brother Nuri Muhammad, that the starting salary for a lawyer in private practice in Belize is about $150,000 and that there are about 200 lawyers working in Belize. Okay, Brother Bradley shot from the hip, but what he said serves my purpose.

Forget what they really take home on average. Why should we get worked up about accuracy when we need to foment a bloody revolt? Sakraz, the lawyer breeds it!

Get closer to the facts about attorney’s compensation

It would be really interesting to know what M. Ashcroft pays Godfrey Smith to fly with him over Africa and bid in Belize. We heard about a local law firm taking home a thousand dollars an hour from our government in its fight to retake BTL. But they are the super rich of this elite gang.

According to Salary Explorer at Salaryexplorer.com, the average lawyer in Belize makes about BZ$7,830 per month; the, ahem, bottom, the poor of the Lawyer Class earn BZ$4,150 a month, and the average for the top feeders is BZ$11,900 a month. Breaking News’ Benjamin Flowers said the prime minister said prosecutors make about $40,000 a year, which the prime minister said was not money for a lawyer.

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But in Belize, the merits of attorneys are indeed in the stratosphere

I guess I’m not the only one wondering where the money to support 200 lawyers with such high salaries comes from. Not all of their food comes from our trough. They have foreign customers and some of them are pretty big prices. Ties to oil companies make them drool, and acting as agents for big brands means rib-eye for dinner. The golden goose for lawyers is Ashcroft – work for him or work for our government against him. Bah, when it’s all done, every penny this lord pays will be pulled out of our national pie.

Looking at her take of the national pie, as a matter of common sense to keep “healthy bones” I will not put on my anteojos. I’m not an investigative journalist. I’m not even a journalist. Aw Shucks, okay, you made me say what you already know. Geez, some people on the wrong side of the law have filthy cash to burn, and when the police or FIU catch up with them, the lawyer sharks go on a feeding frenzy. Talking sharks with fins, is it true that one of them swallowed a man? And just as sympathy for their decimated ranks grew! Something must be done about these bohgaz if they are harassing the fishery at Gladden Spit this year.

your capital philosophy

things fear in our country; In fact, for at least 40% of us it’s always been awful, but we’re a race that enjoys the world of plenty. And her main goal is to keep enjoying this world while the devil takes care of the rest. They never touch their capital until the doctor or the pharmacy bites it.

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I understand that not touching the capital when people are on their butts is a useful philosophy. The advice from money experts is that you should aim to set aside a certain amount each week and focus on building a nest egg. They say you can’t teach an old Daag new tricks. These people never hesitate to build that nest egg, even if it grows into the millions. You never touch it until medical stuff.

There’s a national thing called the tax system, and it would be really good if people who are paying attention to everything that’s going on chimed in to provide information on how to improve this tool to attack fat, dormant nest egg. Ai, people never win. Most likely, those with the know-how have their own account numbers, so they won’t tell us how to get the cheese.

The biggest story is what lawyers do with the money

How Capitalism Works: We need to understand the system that allows individuals to make it so big. In order to create a wealthy class, capitalism encourages exploitation and even enters the corrupt world. Capitalism works when people who earn money through hard work, luck, courage, lawyers, or the boledo understand that money must be used to create more money and jobs. The money has to “trickle down” to the masses in lumps so that there is happiness, i.e. no revolt is necessary.

Yap, the task of this wealthy class is to agitate and shake the economy; Your job is to create jobs and generate taxes for everyone.

How the lawyers get their fortune and isolate it: I’m sure they know how to bite it. We know that they and their friends in government make laws to keep our money flowing. Years ago they passed a minimum fee law to discourage altruism in the ranks. That’s why you have to pay them minimum wage for two weeks for the simplest tasks. In an attempt to separate themselves from the accursed Pharisees that they are, they have a law that prevents them from making charitable donations known. This is how they can get away with donating “nothing”.

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Remarkably Good Lawyers: A lawyer whose humanity was not to be denied, a gentleman named Lionel Welch defied the Bohgaz and sponsored a football club. And Brother Wilfred Elrington sponsored a marching band. A few others have tried their hand at dory sailing races. It’s a fact of life. Nobody or no group is totally bad.

What this wealthy law group needs to do instead of sit on: I’ve heard they hide much of their loot abroad, offshore. No, no, no, lawyers’ earnings can’t all go into SUVs and foreign banks and importing steel and cement to build big houses. No developing country can grow if a small group siphons off so much and doesn’t spread it.

Okay, we know our lawyers know about biting wealth. But they don’t give a preh-heh about the creation. We’ve heard about all the loose cash in the banks. We downstairs have ideas, but we don’t have the “holy grail” cash flow, so we can’t borrow any of it. This group is loading. Only they can access the loot. This group with the excess cash should connect with an Ervin Perez. They could use advice on starting businesses so they can use their money for the national good.

A next thing for the group and those in their class. You should devour our artists’ paintings and musical and craft tools and pay top dollar. The evening news should be dominated by stories about their patronage of local musicians and youth groups. They should employ people and create more wealth and create more jobs so that we can remain a bloody revolution.