If you are fed up with SPAM calls, these tricks will help you to fight them on your Android phone

Spam lurks us everywhere: in e-mails, in text messages and, of course, in the form of phone calls that try to sell us something or try to rip us off straight away. Nap tired of spam calls on Android, we’ll tell you how to get rid of them.

Android phones have multiple weapons to protect themselves from spam calls. Use them wisely and your phone will only ring when someone you really care is calling, like the Amazon delivery man.

Don’t call from a hidden number

Nowadays almost everyone knows how to block phone numbers and it is also very fashionable to look up the number that is calling you before answering the call. Therefore, it is not surprising that many spam calls arrive with the hidden number.

The truth is that it’s rare that a call that interests you comes in with a hidden number unless your brother-in-law knows the code to block calls from unknown numbers, which is a pretty useful solution.

In the Google phone app – and others with a similar feature – you’ll find an option to block hidden number calls in your settings. This setting is used for both calls and SMS messages with a hidden number. These are the steps:

Open the phone app and enter the settings. Tap blocked numbers. Check the box next to “Unknown Google, stop spam.”

The Google Phone application has one of the best and simplest antispam filters that you just have to turn on. If your mobile phone comes with another app from Phone, you may be able to download and install the Google app from Google Play.

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If you go into Caller ID & Spam settings, you will find three options to protect against spam calls, including caller ID, spam calls, and verified calls.

Caller ID: If you activate it, you can see who is calling you on the screen that appears when they call you, even if you don’t have the number in the phone book. Google obtains this information by comparing the number with business numbers on Google Maps, for example. In some cases, you will even be warned that it is “possible spam”. Filter Spam Calls: The best way to get rid of spam calls on your phone is to enable this option. This automatically blocks calls from numbers that Google recognizes as spam. Verified Calls: This option allows companies to identify themselves and add a reason for the call, which you’ll also see before you pick up. For example, your hair salon might state that the reason for the call is “postponement”.

It’s up to you whether you want to enable all three options or just a few. If you want the antispam filter to work more or less automatically, then it is highly recommended to enable Filter spam calls. The other two options are there to get an idea of ​​who is calling before picking up and you decide whether or not to answer the call. These are the steps:

Open the Google Phone app and enter Settings Go to Caller ID and Spam Brand Filter and subsequently block spam calls

Google’s spam filter is good, but not infallible. Sometimes you don’t know it’s a spam call until you answer it and someone is trying to sell you something. The best thing you can do is mark the call as spam. Not only will you avoid getting called from this number again, but you’ll also be doing your part as a good citizen by helping train Google’s anti-spam filter.

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Marking a call as spam is very easy. All you have to do is open the Phone app and tap on the Recent tab. There you will see recent calls and after touching one of them you will have the option to mark it as spam.

Call for reinforcements (if necessary)

It’s quite common for Android phones to come with the Google Phone app or allow us to install it from Google Play, but if for some reason that option isn’t available to you, you always have alternatives.

Some customization layers, such as B. EMUI from Huawei, allow us to block numbers a little differently (sometimes from the mobile settings), but if this is not available on your phone either, you can always opt for applications specialized in blocking calls .

One of the most experienced spam call blocker apps is TrueCaller, which is so popular that its services are built into some phones. The app has years of experience identifying calls and a huge user and phone number base, so any spam call attempt is likely to be correctly identified.