I’m 200 pounds and 5ft 6 inches tall – the internet says I’m “morbidly obese” but people say my pretty physique is beautifully distributed

A PINK-haired woman who weighs 200 pounds calls out to the trolls, who say she looks “morbidly obese”.

The medium-tall TikTok creator donned a cute outfit and showed off how her curves look at her weight.

TikTok creator @nadiapurrez challenges the trolls who say she’s overweightCredit: TikTok/nadiapurrez Nadia Purrez wears a hot pink crop top with vintage 90’s jeansCredit: TikTok/nadiapurrez

In her video, Nadia Purrez, using the username @nadiapurrez, shared with her followers that “according to the internet I’m morbidly obese”.

But that changed very quickly when Purrez donned a full face of glamorous makeup and donned a revealing soft pink crop top that was tied in the front with skinny vintage ’90s jeans.

Purrez stole the show while sporting the Hot Fit, saying, “How does it look to me to be 200lbs and 5’6?”

She proved that no matter how much you technically weigh, your body can be beautiful and proportionate.

This has created problems because people who weigh more than 80 to 100 pounds over their ideal body weight are considered morbidly obese, according to medical professionals.

This is calculated from a body mass index between height and weight.

Purrez is considered morbidly obese as he weighs 200 pounds and is 5ft 6 tall.

Although Perrez supporters agreed with her and gave her full support.

They seemed smitten with her mid-length fashion and style and commented on how much they adored her.

One user said: “You are perfection.”

A second user said: “Tbh dream woman.”

A third user said, “I like Picasso.”

There were some users who commented specifically to tell her how good her body looks.

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One user said, “We’re the same weight and height, but mine didn’t balance out as well as yours.”

Another user said: “I’m the same weight and height. Why don’t I look like that?”

A third user said: “You have such a lovely physique, I wish I looked like you.”

A fourth user said in all caps, “Girls same as huh we’re not morbidly obese.”

Other users pointed out how much they love their pink hair, saying, “That’s it, I’m dying my hair pinkkkkk.”

Along with one user who said: “Super random but did you do your own hair it looks amazing.”

Another medium-sized woman on TikTok made a video to share her top tips for finding jeans that perfectly suit her body type.

A fashion influencer on TikTok, Emily Lucy Rajch, also shared some tips on what to wear when looking for clothes that can hide your tummy to boost confidence.

TikTok creator @nadiapurrez shows off her 200-pound physiqueCredit: TikTok/nadiapurrez Nadia Purrez is confident about her physique, even if her body mass index says she’s morbidly obeseCredit: TikTok/nadiapurrez