I’m a $4,000-a-week Hooters girl – I’m out here making a lawyer’s salary


February 16, 2023 | 12:52 p.m

Spinning chicken makes her some serious bread.

A smoking hot Hooters waitress who rakes in nearly $4,000 in tips in any given week boasts virally that she makes “an hourly wage of a lawyer” as an undergraduate student.

“[Hooters is the] the best job you could ever have while studying. No one can tell me otherwise,” insisted Jona Mustafaraj, 22, of Massachusetts, in the caption of her money-centric TikTok clip.

In the video, which was shared in late January and has racked up more than 708,000 views since then, the busty blonde showed off the cold, hard cash she’d collected from generous Hooters regulars at the end of each night of a seven-week week.

“[I made] $320 on a slow Monday,” Mustafaraj said after counting the handfuls of $50, $20, $10 and singles she accumulated in tips while waiting tables.

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Hooters girl Jona Mustafaraj claims she tipped over $3,700 during a mostly “slow” work week.

On TikTok, Mustafaraj counted all the funds she had raised after each shift from Monday to Sunday.

Working behind the bar the next day, a “very, very slow” Tuesday night, earned the server siren an additional $436. She filled her piggy bank with another $431 as a waitress on Wednesday, $650 during her shift on Thursday, $514 on Friday, $820 as a bartender on Saturday night. Mustafaraj ended the week with a $601 pull on Sunday.

“That was a total of $3,772 in one week,” she boasted in her video’s caption.

And their staggering earnings had the money-hungry digital audience drooling.

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“[You’re] I literally want to work at Hooters,” wrote one commenter with piqued interest.

Impressed online audiences flooded Mustafaraj’s TikTok comments, promising to quit her current jobs and work alongside her at Hooters in Massachusetts. TikTok/, jonnaalb

“Making an average of nearly $150,000 a year…must be nice to live peacefully,” wrote an equally impressed mathematician.

Other viewers threatened to quit their current jobs to serve chicken and beer alongside Mustafaraj.

“Now I’m making $55 working my 5-hour shift at a grocery store processing produce,” groaned one viewer.

“In where [Massachusetts] do you work I need a new servant job and I’ll give up dead [my job right now] and come,” vowed another.

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In response to commenters expressing interest in working at Hooters, Mustafaraj warned people that their high paydays are rare.

She revealed online that her “charismatic” personality and willingness to “sing and dance” for clients make her the most money.

But in a later post, Mustafaraj urged fans not to jump from their 9th to 5th posts.

Instead, the vixen explained that she’s worked at the same Hooters location for four years, and credits her charismatic disposition with helping her rack up bigger tips than the average Hooters girl.

Mustafaraj also stated that most of their huge handouts come from regular customers.

“To all the girls who say, ‘I’m going to drop out of school or quit my job and work at Hooters. It’s my dream job, ‘No!’ she exclaimed. “Don’t do any of that.”

“Not everyone can do that [amount] Money,” admitted Mustafaraj, “and not every day is the same.”

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