I’m a lawyer – AT&T may owe you money under a $60 million deal, but you must act quickly as the deadline is looming

A LAWYER has issued an urgent warning to former AT&T users against seeking payment from a whopping $60 million deal.

The telecom company agreed to pay back customers who streamed unlimited LTE from 2011 to 2015 – but they’d better act fast.

An attorney has warned former AT&T users to seek a portion of a $60 million settlement before a crucial deadlineCredit: SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett TikTok Attorney Mike Mandell said customers who signed up from 2011 to 2015 for Signed up for AT&T’s unlimited data plan may be eligible Direct PaymentsCredit: TikTok/lawbymike Past users have until May 18 to applyCredit: TikTok/lawbymike

TikTok attorney Mike Mandell alerted users to the settlement, saying the application deadline is May 18.

“If you were on an unlimited data plan from October 2011 through June 2015, AT&T may have been messing with your speeds,” Mandell said.

The settlement stemmed from an investigation launched by the Federal Trade Commission, which allegedly found that the telecom company was intentionally slowing down internet speeds to the point that it was “impossible” to stream video or search search engines.

“And before people signed a long-term contract, AT&T did not adequately communicate to customers that doing so would slow down their internet,” the FTC said in a consumer alert.

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This is known as “data throttling,” according to Mandell, who can be found on social media app @lawbymike.

The FTC claimed in a 2014 lawsuit that at least 3.5 million users were affected by the issue.

AT&T has denied the claims, but told CNET they agreed to the settlement to avoid “protracted litigation.”

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Most of the billing was delivered to current customers via loans back in 2020, but the company is still trying to give away about $7 million to former customers.

The amount of money given to users depends on how many make a claim.

There have been reports of people getting anywhere from $10 to $23 depending on which state they live in.

A website for submitting an application for direct payment has been created.

It asks those who meet the requirements to provide contact information to confirm eligibility.

Other companies have also made payments to Americans after settling various claims.

Construction company Plycem is paying Americans up to $200 if they use the company’s Allura fiber cement and it causes problems.

The cement was found to be defective and prone to fracture and cracking.

T-Mobile has also agreed to pay 76 million users a total of $350 million for a 2021 cyberattack that allegedly exposed addresses, PINs, and other personal information.

If you believe you have been affected, you can visit T-Mobile’s arbitration site and file a claim.

This must be done by Monday 3 January.

Likewise, Apple users who purchased certain MacBook models could be eligible for up to $395 worth of payment.

A lawsuit filed in 2022 alleges that MacBooks sold between 2015 and 2019 had defective butterfly keyboards, according to court records.

Also, American Airlines customers can get up to $200 each from a $7.5 million pot for allegedly overcharging baggage fees.

For more information on payments, here is a list of states and cities that offer Universal Basic Income.

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