Improve your understanding of English with these iPhone applications

Improve your ability to understand the English language with these listening apps for iOS phones. Relax and become more fluent in English with these listening apps for iOS

Would you like to improve your ability to listen and understand the English language? Do not worry! There are numerous apps for iOS that can help you improve your English comprehension and enhance your professional and personal opportunities. Below are some apps that can help you improve your English skills and be number 1 in your class.

Learning English can be challenging, especially when you don’t have many opportunities to practice with native speakers. However, listening is an essential skill that will help you improve your fluency and understanding of the language.

Also, with the help of these learning tools, you can turn your free time into an opportunity to improve your understanding of English. If you want to know more, don’t tear yourself away from your screen.

How to master listening in English with these applications for iPhone LearnEnglish Podcasts English Listening – 6mins Special English Listening English Listening and Practice ESL English Listening Test English Listening Step by Step All Ears English Listening English Listening – Daily

These applications give you access to authentic and varied content, as well as activities and exercises specially designed to help you improve your English listening skills from iPhone.

Learn English Podcasts

Learn English with fun: Discover the world of LearnEnglish podcasts

LearnEnglish Podcasts is a British Council mobile iOS application offering over 80 episodes and 20 hours of audio content to learn English daily for free.

In each episode, moderators discuss everyday topics with different people and are accompanied by helpful features like synchronized reading and comprehension questions to check users’ comprehension.

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It can also play the audio in the background and download episodes for offline listening. The user interface is easy to use and designed to enhance the learning experience.

Listening to English – 6min

Improve your listening comprehension in just 6 minutes a day with English Listening – 6mins

Would you like to improve your English? English Listening – 6mins application is a free tool to help you improve your listening skills, grammar and vocabulary in English.

Each lesson includes an English conversation, a transcription and a vocabulary list. In addition, the application has new features such as 6-minute grammar series and conversations in American English and a learning center for offline practice.

Its interface is simple and easy to use, with features like bookmarks, notes, and quick search for lessons. Practice your English conversations and expand your vocabulary while learning grammar with this application available for iPhone.

Special English listening

Listen and learn with Special English Listening: the perfect tool to improve your English

Would you like to improve your listening and speaking skills in English? Special English Listening is the perfect app for you. With this application you can easily and effectively practice through interesting stories and reports in English, listen and read at the same time, record and compare to improve your pronunciation and speaking skills.

In addition, you can download audios to play offline and enjoy a game in the background while you study. Its learning system is based on videos grouped by programs in a simple and user-friendly design.

Listen and practice English

Improve your listening skills with English Listening and Practice: The Key to Fluent English

Would you like to improve your English and have access to more opportunities? The English Listening and Practice application is an excellent option for students and teachers who want to improve their English skills.

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With lessons divided into 6 levels, this application offers hundreds of lessons with audio and full transcripts, as well as an idiom list and everyday phrases to further enrich your knowledge.

In addition, it includes a table of irregular verbs and options to listen to lessons online or offline. Its design is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible to everyone, especially if you want to open more doors and possibilities in your life.

ESL English listening test

Develop your listening skills in English with the ESL English Listening Test

ESL English Listening Test is another application to improve your English listening from iPhone. It offers more than 200 conversation quizzes with different thematic contexts and different levels.

The interface is simple, with questions presented in both audio and text format, and you can review your answers to assess your progress. This application is ideal for those who want to improve their English on a daily basis and is very useful to practice before an exam or assessment.

Listen English step by step

English Listening Step by Step: The easiest way to improve your English through listening

Would you like to improve your listening comprehension in English? So English Listening Step by Step is perfect for you. It offers lessons at different levels, from beginner to advanced, to help you improve your listening skills.

With this platform, you can hear American, British or international voices, and the lessons are divided into different topics, from family and nutrition to education and business.

It has a main screen that gives you the opportunity to choose your level of knowledge and the topics of interest. In addition, you can track your progress and repeat the lessons as many times as you need to improve.

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All Ears English Listening

All Ears English Listening – the perfect tool for those who want to become fluent in English

All Ears English Listening is another of the best applications to improve your English listening from iPhone. It invites you to listen to Lindsay, Michelle and Jessica from New York, Boston and Portland in more than 850 free episodes.

The app has a simple interface and allows students to learn English with real Americans in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Best of all, it helps you improve your listening, pronunciation, and grammar in a natural and immersive way.

Hear English – Daily

Listen and learn every day with English Listening – Daily: improve your English wherever you are

English Listening – Daily is another excellent alternative on App Store to improve your English listening from iPhone. With this platform you can practice daily with listening exercises and quizzes to memorize new vocabulary.

The system offers diverse and up-to-date audio material on various topics such as work, leisure, shopping and eating. In addition, you have the opportunity to speak yourself in English and listen to your recordings to perfect your pronunciation.

As if that wasn’t enough, the interface is beautiful, simple, and easy to use, and there’s a daily reminder to help you stay on track.

In summary, improving your listening skills in English is essential for effective and successful communication in the language. That’s why we invite you to download one of these applications for iPhone and start improving your English today.