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I am Sarvesen Chithiramanaalan. I started my journey as a student at SMK Air Putih in a quaint little town called Kuantan in the heart of Pahang. It was a school known for its caring teachers and rich culture. During my school days, I pushed myself to become a much better version of myself today. I was a committed student, student leader, peer supporter, good friend, classical dancer, and victim of bullying.


In my early years in secondary school, I faced racial differences and prejudice from my own peers. For a moment I felt the insecurity of being in the vulnerable group, but I didn’t waver. I am grateful for the Disciplinary Committee that stepped in to stop the act of abuse and showed that help and kindness can come in unknown ways. Although it was a bitter experience to be the victim of this story, I felt inspired to truly change people’s lives by stopping this chain of hate and inequality.

My days in the Guidance and Counseling Club have empowered me to take steps to nurture my caring and empathetic self. These important steps helped me to realize that it was my destiny to devote my days and efforts to serving society to become a better place. My journey through the world of healthcare has taught me how to love and care for people.

The year 2020 was initially seen as a year of glory and pride for many, but it was also the year that Covid 19 plunged the world into lockdown and caused severe economic upheaval. Exactly this year I was due to sit my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran SPM), a very important exam that would determine the path of many students in their educational and life journey. The pandemic has not been kind to the students or anyone with that attitude. Students have been forced into lockdown for months without proper guidance on learning or studying, and it has been a nightmare for students sitting the exact year for critical exams. Rumors about the cancellation of the SPM and the constant postponement of the exam did not help the students’ mental health or motivation. Even if it seemed hopeless to overcome the challenges that were thrown at us during the period of online education, at the end of the day the results paid off.

I achieved 12A+, the highest academic achievement a student in SPM could hope for, but the dream would not have been realized without the constant support of my family, relatives, teachers or friends who were there to motivate and inspire me be able. It was a very humbling experience. As the best student of Pahang, I was able to secure my scholarship under JPA (Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam). Then I started looking for universities that matched my dreams to serve the community through health care.

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I came across IMU (International Medical University), a university dedicated to improving society and known for providing the right opportunities for student growth and development. It was at that moment that I decided to make IMU my alma mater because of its resounding success over 30 years in serving the community and its remarkable educational system.

I enrolled in IMU’s Foundation in Science program and started my educational and career journey at one of the most prestigious medical universities in Malaysia. Since the beginning of my journey, I have been able to interact with great minds from around the world in its diverse community. In addition, the social activities and revival programs were very welcoming and receptive to the students. From winning the title of Best Speaker at the Malaysian Humanitarian Conference held by IMU, to participating on a committee of an annual charity event, Chariofare, IMU has provided its students with every possible opportunity to develop themselves and their careers . Although teaching still takes place in a hybrid mode with online lectures and physical practice classes, the faculty at IMU have made it interesting and interactive for students to feel free to actively participate in class. The joy and experience I gained from each hands-on class and interactions with my peers was priceless in every way. If I had the chance to do it again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Happy to be a part of the IMU family and their open-minded student and staff community.

Now I have started my undergraduate program in medicine here at the International Medical University. The constant guidance and wonderful student community made the transition into a difficult program seem so easy and adaptable. I am eternally grateful to IMU for making my years of training so memorable and inspiring with their extraordinary community and opportunities.

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The one-year FIS at the IMU gives its students an early start to their studies. Because the FIS students are offered and conducted in the same facilities and environments as the degree programs, they adapt to the facilities and environments much sooner.

The Foundation in Science, IMU has three admissions per year: April, July and September. If you are interested in applying to this program, apply online today through our website

You can also refer to or email: [email protected] or call the IMU on 03 – 2731 7272 for more information.