India and the artificial intelligence revolution

The authority of human free will was treated as divine in antiquity and legitimized by religion, the latter being displaced and justified by liberal history

Humans possess two types of abilities – physical and cognitive. The industrial revolution led to a shift from manual to machine labor, and human physical skills were replaced by machines, creating a new sphere of jobs controlled by human cognitive power, giving humans an immense edge over them Machines kept in the knowledge. The human cognitive abilities of learning, analyzing, communicating and understanding emotions are a weapon in hand to gain dominance over machines. In contrast, the IT revolution is replacing human physical as well as cognitive abilities to create a domain of human domination. Artificial intelligence surpasses human cognitive abilities and replaces human supremacy in almost all areas of life. Advancements in Artificial Intelligent Machine Learning (AIML) develops ultra-professional AI machines that can learn “how to learn”. Neuralink, a startup co-founded by Elon Musk, is working on integrating AI into the human body. The company developed a chip made of 96 small polymer threads, each containing 32 electrodes, that can be transplanted into the human brain to connect it to everyday electronic devices without touching them. This combined bio-infotech revolution controls our psychophysiological world and will empower those in power to engineer and manufacture life, design brains, extend life and kill minds at will.

Human free will authority was treated as divine in antiquity and legitimized by religion, the latter being deferred and justified by liberal history, human free will authority is hacked and guided by algorithms using vast data available, that every person in the world unwittingly shares via Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Google etc. I know myself way better than anyone in the world right now. My likes, dislikes, likes, hobbies, emotions, health, love, etc. I know better than anyone in the world, but in the near future, algorithms may know me much better than myself, and I will fully rely on algorithms for my decision making and I would be a hacked species as decision making or emotions is nothing mysterious but a computational process by billions of neurons in our body in a fraction of a second. The algorithm will process the same pattern to calculate a decision very accurately. We sell our valuable data for meager free WhatsApp calls/chats, Facebook shares or Google search. A huge amount of data from all over the world is being recorded in the hands of a small number of super-rich people and algorithms are being developed based on this data to inversely control the masses. This advancement in biotechnology and AI will split the human race into superhumans who enjoy the beauty, creativity, health and useless underclass people of the world.
The world’s current working environment is facing a paradigm shift that will reshape the current global socio-economic and political structure. The current job market or professionalism can find their place at the bottom. Approximately 1.25 million people die in traffic accidents each year and 90% of accidents are due to human error. Instead, self-driving cars with AI would avoid accidents by up to 90% because they are free from human error. The human driver is a single entity and can misjudge the probabilities in relation to other human entities leading to accidents, while as AI self-driving cars across the state/country or around the world are parts of a single algorithm and the probability their misjudgment/miscommunication is therefore far less than humans. Also, a new traffic rule can be turned on in a split second in all AI-powered self-driving connected cars around the world that could otherwise take decades to enforce in human-driven cars.
AI – Biosensors and big data algorithms will diagnose a disease long before you even feel any kind of malaise in the body and treat the disease in its early stages, also by an AI doctor, improving global health standards and leading the current professional community Doctors in the back seat. Cyber ​​security agencies will monitor the emotions and actions of the general masses, simply implanting biometric sensors in them to defend or root out any national security threat in advance.
An artificial universe called “Metaverse” is constructed in which the human “AVATAR” conducts virtual business, betting, gaming and other unlimited activities. The slogan “Work to Earn” changes to “Play to Earn”. A computer savvy person will find themselves much more adapted than a traditional professional. The new cryptocurrency financial system will develop a challenge to the existing socio-economic scenario of the world. The GNP approach was used to calculate the Human Development Index, which was replaced by industrial production on the world market after the Industrial Revolution. Now the parameter of HDI will be “the data”. Those who own the data will own the future, and humans will not survive in isolation from AI machines and networks of algorithms developed on top of the data.
Our nation must develop and adopt a strategy to be a beneficiary and not a victim of this change. India prides itself on having intelligent technocrats developing indigenous micro-apps to store/filter indigenous data and capture a share of global data. Indigenous security data needs to be very conservative/preservative in this storm of change. The global job market will be completely different by 2050. The curriculum from elementary level needs to be redesigned, with a focus on AI, ML, data science, cybersecurity, ethical hacking, etc. Global standard research institutes need to be developed to take the lion’s share of this phenomenon.

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