Indie Citizen Sleeper Sci-Fi RPG launches on PS5

Gareth Damian Martin Solo Developer for Citizen Sleeper, the new narrative science fiction role-playing game coming soon to the PlayStation platform. visited the official PlayStation blog this week to find out more about what to expect from the new game, which will be available to play later this month from March 31, 2023.

Citizen Sleeper is already playable on macOS, Windows, Switch, Xbox One, Series X/S and now PlayStation 4 and PS5. In Citizen Sleeper, the player character is a “Sleeper,” a human whose mind has been digitized and placed in a robotic body controlled by the Essen-Arp Corporation. The player’s Sleeper has escaped hard labor on a freighter and reached a space station called the Eye, where they fight for both survival and freedom

Hello, my name is Gareth Damian Martin and I’m the solo developer behind Citizen Sleeper, one of the most popular indie games of 2022, coming March 31st for PS4 and PS5. It’s been a wild ride since release last May, and I’m blown away by the support, positive press, and award nominations. As a long-time PlayStation player, I’m really excited to finally bring the game complete with all of its DLC to PS4 and PS5.

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‚ÄúSince its release, Citizen Sleeper has only grown and continues on that path with a three-part DLC series that expands the world and its stories. In the first episode, Flux, a fleet of refugees arrived at the game’s ring-shaped space station, Erlin’s Eye. In Episode 2, Refuge, a new threat to the station’s future was revealed. The PlayStation version will be released alongside the third and final episode, Purge, which will complete the story of the Flotilla and the game as a whole. This means that players starting on March 31st will have the full game and all of its DLCs available from the start.

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“But what are you getting yourself into if you decide to build a life on Erlin’s Eye? Citizen Sleeper is a narrative-driven sci-fi RPG, but it’s nothing you’ve played before. Inspired by tabletop RPGs, you roll the dice in each “cycle” and then decide how best to use them.

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