Influencer Mikayla Nogueira is blasted for complaining about her job being “hard”

Mikayla Nogueira


“Any influencer who tells you their job is tough is either lying or just plain lazy,” replied Wisdom Kaye, another popular influencer.

Wisdom, who has over 8.6 million followers on TikTok, made a video to explain why he thinks being an influencer is “just like that”.

“You can wake up whenever you want, you can work as long as you want, you can clock in and out as you want, you have no boss, no co-workers, you have unlimited vacation days,” he said in the video .

“You decide how long your shift is, you can decide everything about your job — you’re literally your own boss,” he continued.

Wisdom Kaye


The video, which quickly racked up over a million likes, explained that being an influencer has its own set of difficulties, but Wisdom was quick to explain that “every job does.”

And while being your own boss can be a “double-edged sword,” Wisdom admits the job is “fucking awesome, for the most part.”

“Anyone who says this job is tough probably lacks real confidence.”

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Abbie Chatfield also added her two cents to the conversation in the latest episode of her weekly podcast, esalotpod.

“People are allowed to vent about their jobs,” Abbie explained.

“It might just be choosing who you take it out on… I think showing up on your Instagram Stories is a little bit numb at worst.”

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And many of Abbie’s fans agreed with her opinion. “I think her talking about it on such a big platform knowing that the majority of her followers probably make minimum wage or less is deaf as you said,” one user agreed.

Abbie Chatfield


Many others have pointed out that Mikayla never tried to compare her job to other careers to prove it was difficult – she simply presented facts to show her job was real.

Her first video was in response to a fan questioning the validity of her career as it wasn’t a “9 to 5”.

“Your words are really twisted,” another person replied under Abbie’s podcast preview.

“Taken out of context, it seems like she said being an influencer is tough and there’s no point in complaining – but all she does is present facts about why it’s a real job.”

“This poor girl is being torn to absolute shreds on Tik Tok it’s disgusting,” replied another fan.

“It’s an old video that resurfaced to support an obsessive ugly hate campaign and unfortunately it worked,” they continued, explaining that “context matters.”

Mikayla Nogueira

tick tock

Mikayla herself also responded to the drama, thanking her followers for their support and explaining the video’s context, which many people seemed to have missed.

She explained that the video was posted almost a year and a half ago when she was still new to the career. She told her fans she was having a “s**t day” and emotions ran high when she decided to respond to the comment that her job wasn’t real.

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But she quickly regretted making the video, eventually deleting it and apologizing. Now, months later, the video has surfaced again.