Interactive ‘Mixed Reality’ experiences via new INCUS NOVA 2.0 device

INCUS Performance has launched its next generation INCUS | introduced NOVA wearable fitness tracker. Company notes NOVA 2.0 device with 5G connectivity, onboard location and more… “Amaze and excite sports fans with new interactive experiences – known as mixed reality.”

The INKUS | NOVA’s wearable fitness tracking technology sits in a mesh pocket on the mid-spine and tracks athletes during a workout or race.

Using powerful 10-axis MARG motion sensors, the NOVA device measures and analyzes the movement a user’s body makes during exercise. The NOVA and accompanying cloud app use this positional information to create high-quality, actionable training feedback—giving athletes insights to improve technique and proactively treat injuries while swimming and running.

In 2023, the NOVA 2.0 device will come with onboard tracking, wireless charging, and 3x the battery capacity, all within the same physical size as the original device.

According to the company, the addition of high-precision GNSS positioning means the NOVA 2.0 works as a fully self-contained unit, bringing INCUS motion analysis to swim, run, bike and beyond without the need for a smartphone or other device.

INCUS goes one step further, pioneering the real-time connection of outdoor swimmers, runners and cyclists with distant audiences. Known as Mixed Reality, INCUS will leverage onboard 5G connectivity within the NOVA 2.0 to deliver live broadcasts of multisport and health information to distant audiences around the world, right from the backs of athletes in an event space.

INCUS adds… “This unprecedented achievement connects, for the first time, live outdoor swim/bike/run activities with the virtual world via live stream metrics and upcoming interactive virtual experiences.

“With mixed reality, live outdoor races and events can be played back in real-time in a metaverse environment, while giving friends, colleagues, teammates and coaches the ability to interact and collaborate like never before.

“For professional sports, this means a new era of sports broadcasting and security; for individuals to enjoy outdoor training and racing experiences simultaneously with others around the world, and much more.’

Powered by live location and performance data from NOVA 2.0, mixed reality can support event commentary and fan engagement in swim, run, and bike environments, with up-to-the-second updates on location, speed, cadence, and more.

The NOVA 2.0 also connects to third-party health sensors such as heart rate monitors and power meters so they can stream live into the mixed reality environment.

“Coupled with interactive online experiences, this enables a future where fans can make the race their own, follow who they love with virtual cameras and 3D displays, and uncover the stories behind the golden moments loved in sport.”

For everyday athletes, mixed reality can help bring a connected fitness experience to life and improve training, long-distance competition and safety. For those used to virtual cycling, real-world riding can be overlaid with a competition in a virtual reality event. Similar experiences can be had in swimming and running, with an INCUS listing a variety of applications to be announced next year.

INCUS adds that it… “We will shake up the world of endurance sports and connected fitness with major racing partnerships and mixed reality events announced for the summer 2023 season.”