International Students Conclude Their Participation in Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence

A group of AI students from several renowned international universities finished their participation in the second edition of the Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence, which ended yesterday in Riyadh, and visited the Masmak Palace in central Riyadh to learn about the history of the to inform the capital.

The students represented six countries, along with several Saudi scholars in the same specialization. Their participation came as part of the knowledge sharing initiative launched by “SDAIA” and hosted 19 male and female students of various nationalities including USA, UK, India, Jordan, Algeria, South Korea and Nigeria studying in prestigious international universities and institutes , including Sorbonne University in Paris, Oxford University, University College London, Durham University, Nottingham University, Sussex University in the UK, Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the US and King’s College London.

Through this initiative, SDAIA aimed to attract global artificial intelligence skills and to empower distinguished youth based on the Kingdom’s 2030 Vision and its aspirations to empower them to shape the future of artificial intelligence in the Kingdom, to lead the region and the world .

On this occasion, SDAIA President Dr. Abdullah Al-Ghamdi said the knowledge-sharing initiative is designed to deliver multiple benefits, including engaging visiting students in knowledge-sharing dialogues to explore opportunities for future collaboration, and introducing the Kingdom’s efforts to pioneer the To provide data and artificial intelligence and the future of the sector during a trip that Saudi students will take with their fellow students from international universities.

He stressed that through the initiative, “SDAIA” aims to build qualitative partnerships that will support its efforts in data and artificial intelligence and help attract global skills that achieve qualitative complementation of the Kingdom, adding that the Initiative to help activate the prominent role of Saudi youth and engage them in a genuine dialogue that develops their leadership spirit and demonstrates their knowledge capacities. Al-Ghamdi said that this would strengthen the kingdom’s position in the fields of data and artificial intelligence, noting that the initiative offers an opportunity to share knowledge and explore opportunities for future cooperation through constructive dialogue that will bring Saudi youth and brings foreign doctoral students together.