Internet in hysteria at woman’s uncoordinated rescue dog: ‘Trying his best’

A dog trying to catch a ball and failing spectacularly has wowed TikTok viewers.

In the clip, which has been viewed over 3.6 million times, a rescue pit bull can be seen swimming in a pool before the video switches to the adorable dog trying to catch a ball but using his paws instead hits and falls backwards.

The text posted to the @baileyandodin page declares, “When I show the world how uncoordinated my dog ​​is,” while the caption reads, “He’s trying his best.”

One user commented, “That’s how my rescue dog is, she’s so cute,” while another user commented, “The way he was trying to catch with his paws is just too cute.”

Rescuing a dog can be extremely rewarding, but animals can often come up with interesting quirks due to their challenging start in life. This can manifest itself in fear and restlessness or a lack of coordination since he was never played with as a puppy. Sometimes dogs are just born clumsy, and they may not grow from it. As long as it’s not a medical issue and your dog is having fun, don’t worry.

Why is my dog ​​so clumsy?

Like humans, some dogs are just born clumsy, and larger dogs are inherently more clumsy due to their weight and large feet. However, if you suddenly notice that your dog has lost its balance, it may indicate a health problem and you should make an appointment with your veterinarian. explains that it could be ataxia, a condition that “occurs when a dog loses its coordination due to sensory dysfunction from ataxia.” Additionally, their gait and proprioception, or a dog’s awareness of their feet when walking, can be affected.

A file photo of an uncoordinated dog trying to catch a ball. A woman shared a hilarious video of her naughty dog.
dmussman/Getty Images has a list of activities that are perfect for a clumsy dog.

yoga for dogs

Dogs inspired one of the most well-known yoga poses, downward facing dog, so it makes sense that they might be able to master a few more poses. “Your dog will love doga because they love spending time with you,” WagWalking says, “stretching and just hanging out, that’s basically what doga is. In fact, most dogs already practice yoga on a daily basis.”

tasks time

WagWalking suggests that picking up litter can be a great way to interact with your clumsy dog ​​with fewer accidents than normal.

“All dogs love to help,” they say, “just like children, if you tell them it’s a game they’ll love it.” You can teach your pooch to help with chores even if he is clumsy. Just don’t do anything. This requires special skill or a steady gait. Crumple up some paper and throw it on the floor. Kick it around and let your pooch get excited about it. They will likely try to kick it or bite it to pick it up. As soon as your dog does this, tell him how paw friendly he is and give him a treat. Repeat the process until your fur pal picks it up without prompting.”

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