Internet in stitches eating from husband who refuses to learn to cook

The internet was left in the lurch after a woman shared her husband’s meal and revealed he was refusing to learn to cook.

The 26-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, lives in Scotland with her 28-year-old husband. The couple has been married for two years. “My husband refuses to learn to cook,” the woman explained alongside the post.

One night, the husband made himself boiled eggs and a naan bread for dinner at a less-than-appetizing exhibit that has since garnered viral attention on Reddit.

The image shared on the r/mildlyinfuriating forum has received over 23,000 upvotes and more than 3,000 comments from Reddit users.

Pictures of boiled eggs and air fried naan bread. This is the dish that the man who “refuses to learn to cook” prepared for his dinner. IReallyLoveNifflers/Reddit

Cooking site Kitchen Infinity emailed over 100,000 viewers about their cooking habits. The website found that most US adults cook three to five times a week (39 percent). A quarter said they cook more than five times a week, and 29 percent said they only cook once or twice a week.

Another survey of 2,000 adults asked about cooking habits and found that Americans spend over 400 hours a year in the kitchen. In terms of more than just meals, 77 percent said they cooked with their family at least once a week growing up, creating some of their fondest childhood memories. Meanwhile, 3 in 10 respondents even said that grocery shopping and kitchen tidying are some of their best memories to look back on.

“I laughed when I saw his dinner and I sent the photo to a couple of mutual friends – everyone agreed his dinner was awful,” the poster told Newsweek. “I definitely do most of the cooking, but he knows how to run the oven.”

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In the comments, Reddit users shared their reactions to the unusual food. One commenter laughed, “I love that you let him eat what he can make.” However, another Reddit user didn’t think the food was so bad, writing, “I know how to cook and I got mine made this very meal. It is delicious.”

“My husband has never learned to cook and is in his fifties,” read another reply. “Until I was put on bed rest for months and he had to learn to make a few things so we could eat. Then a few weeks after I got off bed rest I injured myself pretty badly and I’m back at it for months. So he learns more foods because the doctor said we were malnourished based on blood tests.”

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Others added some well-placed puns to the viral post. One wrote, “Not being able to cook is naansense,” while another joked, “Eggscellent pun there.”

“I stress that was all in a good mood,” said the man’s wife. “We didn’t pick on him. I didn’t think much about sharing it to be honest — I didn’t expect it to get a lot of attention.”

However, other Reddit users supported the man’s unusual food. One commenter wrote, “He was technically cooking.”

Another wrote: “Looks pretty good [to be honest]. I can cook, but I still eat stuff like that because it’s still food.”

The poster explained that while she does most of the cooking, she has tried to teach her husband how to prepare meals. “I’ve tried to teach him in the past but to no avail. He doesn’t like to cook,” she said.

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However, things had changed a bit after the viral post about his cooking skills: “Since that post he has agreed that I can teach him some basics so that he can have a few meals in his pocket,” the poster added.