Internet is driving Disney Adults ‘positively crazy’ again

Internet trends come and go, but Disney Adults immersion is always an issue. It peaked last year with the virality of several videos of guests seriously enjoying their visits to Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort and Disneyland Paris. A woman was relentlessly mocked after she shared a vulnerable video of herself crying during her first encounter with a Disney character since the COVID-19 pandemic began. TikTok users created parody videos of another woman who fell on her knees in excitement when she saw Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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This week, the self-proclaimed travel agent of Disney Adult and Disney Parks @almosttheretravelco shared a video about what they do when they’re “in between Disney trips.” To get their Disney fix, travel agency Disneyland Adventures is playing on Xbox:


Disneyland Adventures on Xbox is a lifesaver when I need my #disneyland fix! #disney #disneyparks #xbox #disneytravelagent #fyp #disneytiktok

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The video itself was harmless, but it garnered much more than the account’s 548 followers, receiving more than 700,000 views and over a thousand comments… most of them negative.

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“To say between Disney trips is absolutely insane,” was the most popular comment from @itsbrandenbell0128.

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“Disney adults are trying to live life without the Disney impossible challenge,” said @juliant1130.

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“Disney adults try to enjoy the comforts of their own home that they paid money for (they can’t),” @pixtheartist wrote.

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Other comments seemed puzzled by how Disney adults afford constant visits to Disney parks. “How can Disney adults even afford to be Disney adults?” asked @sloth_0128.

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“Haven’t been to Disney in 11 years, I didn’t know people could say ‘in between’ like…” agreed @sillyalm3zo.

But others admired the dedicated Disney Park fan. “I kind of want to be a Disney adult,” said @morrischestnuts. “You always look fulfilled.”

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