Internet mesmerized by the bizarre noise this cat makes

It’s not uncommon for animal noises to go viral on the internet, and it seems a new cat has caught the attention of millions with its bizarre squeak. The cat’s meow has been likened to a tornado siren, and many people have been intrigued by the unusual sound.

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♬ Original sound – catplanet_meow

The TikTok posted by shows someone standing in front of a closed door and the cat can be heard screaming loudly from the other side of the door. The sound is so strange and loud you probably wouldn’t guess it was coming from a cat.

The TikTok title was POV: When I Forgot My Cat Outside has over 5.7 million views and thousands of comments now. The woman who posted on TikTok, Danny from Germany, told Newsweek that his cat Bowser “meows very loudly when he’s upset.” And added: “Sometimes the neighbors probably don’t need their alarm clock.”

Users found the sound hilarious.

“I thought that was a tornado siren!” one user commented.

“He called you names when he came in,” said another.

“I thought that was an intro to some scary music before you opened the door,” added another.

For more adorable Bowser content, follow on TikTok.

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