Internet Responds To Kick Streamer Putting Metal Fork Into Toaster

Modified 4/8/2023 4:56 AM IST

A relatively minor kick streamer nicknamed “GooseIsLoose” went viral after sticking a metal fork into a running toaster on his stream. When the power went off after an eclectic spark caused by the Creator’s reckless actions, many have wondered about his well-being, considering how dangerous it was. The clip of the exact moment was re-shared on social media and gained traction as people from across the internet started commenting and criticizing how GooseIsLoose had acted on the stream.

Many call this accidental karma for trying to beat the chase. A Twitter user sarcastically responded to the streamer’s tweet:

“The efforts people are making to gain internet clout are absurd.” “Need to get a power strip”: A kick streamer who stuck a fork in a toaster appears to be doing fine after sharing a clip on Twitter and complained about repairing the electricity at home

While it’s incredibly dangerous to stick a metallic object into an electrical machine while it’s on, GooseIsLoose himself doesn’t appear to have sustained any serious injuries. He even took to Twitter to share the exact moment he stuck his fork in the toaster while having breakfast.

The short clip shows the streamer toasting some waffles in said toaster while talking about his preference for how he likes to eat it. Looking at the chat, he claimed that peanut butter on waffles tastes really good and everyone should try it:

“If you’ve never eaten peanut butter waffles? You’re really missing out.” I tried to have breakfast on @KickStreaming this morning 🤦🏼‍♂️ now I have to go and get a new power strip #KickStreamer

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After claiming that, he appeared to be fumbling with the waffles in the toaster with a metal fork and touching part of the machine, which was clearly not advisable. With a big spark, the power cut off as the camera froze, indicating his power was gone due to a short circuit or other malfunction caused by the accident.

GooseIsLoose’s tweet lends credence to the argument as he complained that he had to go to the store to fix his power. He explained:

“I tried to make breakfast on @KickStreaming this morning 🤦🏼‍♂️ now I have to go and get a new power strip”Some more reactions on social media

It is generally a matter of course that metallic objects should not come into contact with the inner workings of a running electrical machine, and on the Internet one was very surprised at the carelessness of the kickstreamer. Here are some general reactions to the clip:

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