Internet services suspended in 3 Rajasthan tehsils

Sanawarmal Verma Divisional Commissioner of Bharatpur [Photo:ANI]

The Rajasthan government has suspended internet services at Phari, Kaman and Sikri Tehsils in Bharatpuru for 48 hours amid fears of spreading rumors following the recovery of the charred bodies of two men from Ghatmika village in Haryanas Bhiwani on February 16.
Sanwarmal Verma, the Bharatpur divisional commissioner, said the decision was made to stop the spread of rumors and misinformation. “We have suspended mobile internet services for 48 hours to maintain law and order,” Sanwarmal Verma told ANI.

Meanwhile, in a key revelation at the recovery of charred bodies in Bhiwani on Sunday, Rajasthan Police said DNA samples from charred skeletons found in a bolero matched those of Nasir and Junaid’s family members.

“The results of the DNA test have arrived and it has been confirmed that the charred bones recovered from a vehicle in Loharu village were of Nasir and Junaid who were abducted from here,” said Gaurav Srivastava, IG Range, Bharatpur , told ANI on Sunday.

He further said that the blood samples recovered from the scorpion found in Jind district of Haryana also matched those of the deceased individuals. “This confirms that Nasir and Junaid were beaten up and kidnapped [prior to their death] in this vehicle,” he said.

“Following tips from Rinku Saini (a defendant arrested in connection with the recovery of the charred bodies), we located the Scorpio with Haryana’s license plate from Jind and recovered blood samples from the back, which were later sent for testing. The DNA reports from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) are in and they too match the samples from Nasir and Junaid’s family members,” he added.

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“Based on scientific findings, it has now been established that they (Nasir and Junaid) were not only kidnapped from here, but also murdered and burned. Important evidence was also destroyed,” the official said.

On the morning of February 16, Haryana Police recovered two charred skeletons in a burned-out SUV at Loharu in Bhiwani.

Rajasthan Police booked suspected right-wing winger and cow vigilante Monu Manesar, who is currently on the run, for his alleged involvement in the affair.
The registration of Manesar’s case sparked protests from the right-wing group to which he belongs.

FIR also named some other airmen who allegedly kidnapped and beat up Nasir and Junaid on suspicion of cattle smuggling.