iOS 16.4 update is coming soon and is expected to bring interesting features: startup timeline and other details

New Delhi, UPDATED: 21 Mar 2023 09:21 IST

From Divya Bhati: Apple is ready to release new software update iOS 16.4 for iOS soon. The new update is currently being tested and includes a number of new features and bug fixes for iOS 16.4. Features include new emojis, menu updates, push notifications, etc. to improve UI, security and improve iPhone performance.

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Release date of iOS 16.4

The upcoming software update follows the release of iOS 16.3 and is slated for release in the spring. As the season is here, the new iOS update is expected to be released in the next few weeks likely at the end of this month or early April. According to a recent company newsletter, “Apple continues to pump out beta versions of its upcoming iPhone and iPad software, which it plans to release to all users — along with updates to macOS, watchOS, and tvOS — over the next three weeks or so.” .

Meanwhile, the iOS 16.4 beta is already available for developer beta testers. In particular, the newer version of iOS is compatible with iPhone 8 and newer versions.

Let’s take a look at all the new features introduced with iOS 16.4.

New emoji

Apple will introduce new emojis for iPhone keywords with Unicode 15.0. The new set will include a shaking face, a heart in three new color options, a donkey, a moose, a jellyfish, and others.

Web-based push notifications via Safari

The new iOS update will also add opt-in support for web-based push notifications through Safari on iPhones. Once this push notification is enabled, users can receive notifications from websites through Safari web browser.

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Beta Updates menu

Apple is also adding a new Beta Updates menu in the Settings app under General. Software update. This new menu allows members of Apple’s developer program to access and use the developer betas of iOS updates. This menu simplifies the beta installation process.

New feature in Apple’s Podcast app

Apple is also bringing new user interface tweaks to Podcasts and Music. With iOS 16.4. The new feature will include a new channels menu in Apple Podcasts, providing a list of podcast channels in one place.

New Home app architecture

Apple is once again bringing a revised version of the new HomeKit architecture, which was removed after launching in a previous version of iOS 16. The new architecture aims to improve the app’s performance, efficiency and reliability for controlling smart home accessories.

Additionally, here are some other updates that will come with the iOS 16.4 update:

– Apple is bringing 5G support to some markets and carriers.

– Apple is bringing back the page turning animation to the Apple Books app.

– The new update brings Apple Pay support to South Korea.

– iOS 16.4 brings new settings for the iPhone 14 Pro’s always-on display, including the ability to tie the feature to a focus mode.

– Apple also brings content previews in messages for Mastodon, similar to a feature it has for Tweets.