iOS: 5 apps for unbreakable security

iOS devices have long been considered particularly secure, but the tide is beginning to turn. Late last year, Apple issued a warning to update all iPhone 8 or later devices to fix a zero-day vulnerability, but didn’t go into specifics. At the same time, Proofpoint cybersecurity experts reported a 500 percent increase in mobile malware in Europe.

You might want to reconsider if you haven’t used additional iPhone cybersecurity software. Below are five apps that protect your iPhone from outside threats.

Encrypted messaging app

Secure online communication is of paramount importance as hackers try to spy on every unsecured conversation for sensitive information.

Most messaging platforms use encryption to prevent snooping, but they have distinctly different capabilities. For example, if the messenger does not offer end-to-end encryption, insiders and dubious employees can access the conversations.

It is best to choose an app that allows deleting conversations from their servers. It should also offer a self-destruct feature that will delete the conversation after a chosen period of time. Finally, it should block screenshots when someone tries to take a picture of your lecture.


Who hasn’t left an iPhone in a bar or university library? Or maybe you feel insecure about sharing your phone with others because they might search your personal folders.

There are numerous AppLocks for iPhones that protect your programs and folders with a passphrase. Some also offer a Screen Time feature, so you can choose a time frame after which the app will be locked. Use it to backup your photo and video folders, social media and messaging apps.

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You can use Touch ID to lock specific applications, but apps like Facebook or WhatsApp don’t allow it.

password manager

Even the strongest iPhone security measures won’t protect your online accounts unless you secure them with strong passwords. On average, people have 40 apps installed on their phones, and it’s impossible to remember a long password for each one.

Instead, you can trust your passwords with an iOS password manager. Choose one that offers a password generator, autofill feature, secure password sharing, and stores them in a secure encrypted vault. In addition, sophisticated password managers offer cross-device compatibility, so you can use it to secure multiple devices at the same time.

virus protection

You may have noticed that there are no antivirus programs in the Apple App Store. That’s because they decided in 2015 that their operating system was foolproof. While that’s not necessarily true, iOS devices are much more secure and only concede Linux.

But because Apple doesn’t allow apps to be sideloaded, some users choose to jailbreak their phones to have more control over them. Once you jailbreak it, you lose most of Apple’s protection and your device can become infected.

Various antivirus programs offer excellent iOS protection. They update their repositories with the latest iPhone malware threat and offer real-time online protection and identity theft features. If you notice your iPhone overheating, using too much data or showing suspicious pop-ups, download an antivirus and scan your device immediately

Virtual Private Network

A VPN is privacy-focused cybersecurity software. It creates a secure and encrypted tunnel between your device and the internet, masking your original IP address. It is top-notch software for public WiFi protection, man-in-the-middle attacks, online monitoring, and IP tracking.

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Professional VPN service providers have recently launched numerous innovative features, including the state-of-the-art WireGuard protocol and real-time threat scanners. The latter works much like an antivirus, so you can turn it off while using both. However, VPNs offer advanced encryption algorithms that are essential for safe web browsing.

We recommend using a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi or performing online banking operations.

VPN Services

Secure and encrypted cloud storage ensures you won’t lose any data if your phone gets hacked. Finally, you can adjust the iPhone’s privacy settings to reveal as little personal information as possible, but that’s a topic for another time.