iPhone 8 in 2023, is it worth the money?

iPhone 8 features

From the moment it was introduced, many users considered it an outdated device due to the revolution caused by the iPhone X. However, it was a device that showed a continuity with Apple’s classic design and incorporated elements of the iPhone X, such as 4k recording and wireless charging. Therefore, the device should not be analyzed as a comparison with the iPhone X, but with the iPhone 7, which represents its generational continuity. From this point of view we have found a device that has many advantages and few weak points. However, in this post, we will focus on its strengths from the first year of 2023, not from the year of its launch in 2017.

Benefits of Apple’s most classic design

Speaking of advantages, the fact is that today a device is very cheap and the best thing is that it is compatible with most of the applications that exist in the App Store, so it is a fully functional device.

However, after 5 years we found more than obvious disadvantages, especially with the presence of the A11 Bionic Neura Engine processor, which left the Fusion chips behind. Nonetheless, it’s a chip that’s still working pretty well and might need a year or two more due to its great performance. Unlike the iPhone 7, this device is compatible with iOS 16, although it doesn’t get all the news from it. In September 2023, the A17 Bionic chip will be released, which is a clear testament to the evolution of Apple processors and the performance they offer over the years.

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main problems

The battery and performance in games with high graphics performance This is where its advantages are most absent, since the only way to acquire this device is to buy it second-hand or to refurbish it, so the deterioration of the battery is noticeable.

Finally the camera, it is true that you have a 6 year old camera so the photos are of low average quality. Of course, video recording is available in 4k, a pretty good quality for the years this device has had.

Is the iPhone 8 worth it?

The iPhone 8 is not a recommended device today as it is in the final stages of software updates. Therefore, it’s not worth buying a device that might not update to iOS17, and if it does, it almost certainly won’t update to iOS18 except for a security patch to prevent data theft.

The device is several years old outside of the Apple Store, so it is only available in third-party stores or from individuals. In both situations it is not advisable to make an investment. The iPhone 8 can be a good device if you want to use it as a second phone to listen to music or if you want to take it hiking or hiking and don’t want to damage the new terminal you have, but, early 2023 it’s worth it itself as the main device due to its longevity and the possibility of being unsupported before long.