Irish driver shares internet with advice on merging onto motorway

An Irish driver has received mixed reactions after offering advice in a social media post.

Thousands of commuters use the motorway network in Ireland every day.

All major cities in Ireland are now linked by motorways.

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Motorists often have a very clear idea of ​​what they consider to be the “right” maneuver to merge onto a freeway, and what certainly isn’t.

The driver asked on Reddit, “Why is entering a freeway so hard for drivers to understand?”

The driver then gave advice on how to merge onto a freeway.

The RSA says to merge onto a freeway you should do the following:

Always use caution and pay attention when entering any highway

Accelerate in the acceleration lane before merging into freeway traffic

Signal in good time so that other motorway users know that you want to merge into the motorway traffic

As you approach the freeway on the ramp, check your mirrors and blind spot for a safe gap in traffic

Yield the right of way to traffic on the motorway

Change your speed to blend in with traffic safely and legally. Stay on the slip road when it becomes an extra lane on the Autobahn. Avoid crossing a solid white line separating lanes

You have to drive ahead. Turning or reversing is not allowed. Driving against the flow of traffic on a freeway is a criminal offense. If you find yourself driving against the flow of traffic, pull over immediately in the hard shoulder and stop. Contact the Gardaí by dialing 999 or 112. Do not attempt to turn your vehicle. Wait for help in a safe place. Already drive on the highway at a safe and legal speed that does not obstruct traffic. Keep a safe distance from the vehicle in front. Leave a larger gap when driving on wet or icy roads or in fog. Alternating warning signs can be used to alert motorists to potential hazards on the highway. Do not stop or park on the motorway except in an emergency or when directed to do so by the emergency services or gardaí. You are not allowed to drive on the hard shoulder unless it is an emergency or when instructed to do so by An Garda Síochána. This is a traffic offense and you may be penalized