It seems not many Android Auto users have gotten their hands on the Coolwalk redesign

what you need to know

  • Many users failed to sign up for the Android Auto for Coolwalk beta test.
  • A small percentage are in beta but have not received the redesign in their cars.
  • A smaller percentage received the new Coolwalk UI.

We recently polled our readers to see how many of you are using Android Auto Coolwalk’s new design. The update makes the UI more dynamic and intuitive, allowing specific cards to grow and shrink while allowing quick access to media recommendations and frequently used apps. It’s also said to fit better on displays of different sizes and orientations.

Out of nearly 3,000 votes, 77% say they weren’t able to sign up for the Android Auto beta testing program to try Coolwalk. And of the remaining beta participants, only about half received the Coolwalk update for their cars.

Users indicate whether they have received the Android Auto Coolwalk update

(Image credit: Android Central)

According to some users, the update seems to appear only on certain vehicle hardware.

  • RS3: “It definitely makes a difference in vehicle hardware. I have two Audis, an MY20 and an MY22, the former has older infotainment tech and doesn’t show the updated UI despite running the same phone. Coolwalk has been working on the newer car for several weeks.
  • Astath: “Signed up for the beta but despite all attempts the new UI is not available on a VW MIB2 unit of a MY18 TRoc. The same cell phone when connected to an aftermarket device will display the new UI with no issues.