It’s no wonder that Florida property insurance is costly

Why insurance is expensive

What Hurricane Ian Could Do For Florida’s Battered Property Insurance Industry | 1 Oct

Property insurance rates in Florida are the highest in the country, in part the result of litigation. The Florida Insurance Commissioner has said that the state accounts for between 7.75% and 16% of homeowner claims in the state but between 64% and 76% of homeowner claims in litigation in the state. Given why would not leave insurance? However, I have read that many homeowners want or expect their homeowners insurance wind coverage to cover flood damage even though flood damage is excluded from their coverage. Do insurance companies now have to pay claims for what they didn’t insure? No wonder insurance is expensive or unavailable.

I was a small construction supplier for over 20 years. I’ve been sued too many times. Two cases were easily dismissed – when we were sued for work we did not contract and for a wrongful death on a construction site before we worked there. These were dismissed. Most court cases involved multiple subcontractors. Significant funds were spent on legal fees. When I vehemently argued that our work wasn’t part of the problem, the insurance company just said, “Get used to it. It’s legalized blackmail.” On other occasions, they said it would cost more to go to court. Given that, we should expect insurance to cost a lot more.

John (Jack) Schierholz, St. Petersburg

He will be back

How Hurricane Ian Changed the Florida Governor’s Race | 13 Oct

Watching the endless commercials praising Gov. Ron DeSantis, you’d think he’s the greatest, most compassionate, and caring person of all time—almost a saint. What happened to the loud, blustering bully we’ve all seen in action? The one who denied COVID protections, disregarded women’s rights, tried to ban homosexual recognition, silenced teachers, and extradited immigrants with our tax dollars? I believe this guy will be back on November 9th, win or lose.

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farah stokes, tampa

Good for Liz Cheney

What was achieved in the January 6 investigation | A Wall Street Journal editorial, October 15

Towards the end of the January 6 hearings, as a Liberal Democrat, I have to say how proud I am of a strong Republican, Liz Cheney. She brings honor and sanity to the Republican Party, which seems to be drifting insane. We need two parties. We need both parties working fairly for the good of the people. Liz Cheney can be a good leader in this direction.

Lorraine Madison, St. Petersburg