Jackson Mahomes ends long social media hibernation as mum offers support to Randi after shock allegations

JACKSON Mahomes has remained silent on social media after being accused of multiple assaults at a bar in February.

However, the brother of NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes has now broken his silence on Instagram.

Jackson Mahomes (left) is the younger brother of NFL star Patrick MahomesCredit: Jacksonmahomes/Instagram Jackson was accused of multiple assaults at a bar in February and broke his silence for the first time in an Instagram post on MondayCredit: Getty His mother Randi Mahomes ( Pictured left) has backed Jackson following the allegationsCredit: Getty

And his mother, Randi Mahomes, has lent support following the allegations.

On Monday, Jackson shared his first post since February 25.

He posted a single picture of himself smiling in a hoodie with no caption.

The comments on the post were also limited.

Jackson’s mother, Randi, was supportive and liked the photo.

Earlier this month, Jackson shared on his Instagram Story how he performed at a St. Louis Cardinals MLB game.

The Kansas City Star reported that Jackson, 22, pushed a male waiter and then kissed the 40-year-old owner.

Jackson, 22, has since denied any wrongdoing and his attorney Brandan Davies released a statement which read: “Jackson has done nothing wrong.

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“Our investigation has uncovered substantial evidence disproving the allegations made by Jackson’s accusers, including testimonies from multiple witnesses.

“We have reached out to law enforcement to provide the results of our investigation so they can have a full picture of the matter.”

Meanwhile, his mother shared a cryptic message following the allegations.

The quote on Randi’s Instagram story read: “Learn to say it’s up to you. Your behavior is up to you. The way you move is up to you.

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“The decisions you make are entirely up to you. The way you live is entirely up to you.

“Stop absorbing other people’s pain, recognize what belongs to you and what doesn’t.”

It’s not yet clear if Randi’s message related to Jackson’s alleged assaults.

Jackson has made his mark on social media with more than a million TikTok followers.

He then celebrated the Chiefs’ recent Super Bowl win with Patrick.

He was shown on the field after the 38-35 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in Arizona.

And Jackson was also part of the downtown trophy parade with his older brother.

Jackson is a TikTok star and has over 1 million followersCredit: Getty Images – Getty