Japanese AI technology company NTT Communications introduces the Open Hub project

A Japanese company, NTT Communications, has shared its unique achievement in the form of a collaborative project called “Open Hub,” ANI reported. The company hoped that this project would accelerate cross-border cooperation, which would help build a better society. In addition, the project aims to solve the “problems of declining manpower, diversity of work style and skill sequencing,” according to media reports.

NTT communication presents CONN

Founded in October 2021, Open Hub has grown to a group of 1300 companies, 3000 researchers and 400 NTT employees. They are called “catalysts”, which vaguely means to connect people using digital human technology. The Japanese company has developed a human-like face and a talking avatar called “CONN”. She would be the 401st Catalyst. In addition, the AI ​​technology company shared that her face is made up of nine NTT Com catalysts. Your voice and movement are generated by AI. Catalyst Conn would be attending events, shows, corporate receptions and clothing stores in the near future.

“My name is CONN. The name derives from the word ‘CONNECT’, which refers to a bridge between different people. Make it a bridge that connects everyone. It’s in line with NTT Group’s vision and I’m working on it, feeling this way is my destiny,” said
CONN catalyst.

“We created ‘CONN’, which insists on human-like appearance and movement, with a voice generated by AI technology. The difference from the usual Metaverse avatar is that it seeks a more human element.” The name is “Mobile Space Statistics,” said Seigo Tomatsu, NTT Com Open Hub.

With Catalyst Conn, there would be a progressive merging of virtual space and real space. According to media reports, by setting the virtual glass, people can receive virtual room information with a real image of their avatar. It would also be able to navigate to the real world destination. Through this new technology, users would have access to statistics on population, gender, age and origin of every day.

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According to NTT’s Seigo Tomatsu: “In terms of the declining labor force, Japan and aging Asian countries have the same problem. It is not right to stop the development of society. Regarding the declining labor force, we should try to find a solution to increase productivity. Digital technology works; alternatively we humans. And a human can try to solve more complicated and creative problems. I’d like to tackle different issues by sharing roles like this.”