Jared is back! Also, Shaun needs a good lawyer

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Monday’s episode of The Good Doctor marked the return of former series star Chuku Modu, who reprises his Season 1 role as Jared for the remainder of Season 6. For those who need a refresher or discovered the ABC sick leave drama after Season 1, Jared was one of Melendez’ OG residents along with Shaun and Claire. He was involved with Claire, but broke up with her when it turned out that she was less interested in him than he was in her.

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Jared initially lost his job after he killed surgical doctor Dr. attacked Matt Coyle, who was sexually harassing Claire. Jared initially played the “race card” to keep his job, a decision that didn’t sit well with either Melendez or Andrews. After the season two premiere, he left San Jose to continue his residency at the Denver Memorial and had not been seen since.

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When he returned to St Bonaventure on Monday, he was accompanying his one (and only) patient, Roland Barnes, the fifth richest man in the world. Jared was three years into his residency as a surgeon when he left Denver Memorial to become a concierge physician — a decision he ultimately regretted after working with Shaun again. And after burying the hatchet with Andrews, Jared made it known that he wanted a second chance to continue his stay at St Bons. With Lim not having room for a third-year resident, Jared agreed to restart the program in year one, a perceived small sacrifice in order to reach its full potential. Going forward, he will work under Shaun and who recently received Dr. Powell to fill the vacancy.

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At the end of the lesson, Jared, Shaun and Lea gathered to toast Jared’s return to San Jose. But no sooner had they bumped into each other than Shaun received a most unwelcome knock on the door. On the other side was a process attendant to let Shaun know he had been attended to. He’s facing a misconduct lawsuit as he lines up the backdoor pilot for potential spin-off The Good Lawyer next week.

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Elsewhere in Monday’s episode…

* Park and Perez were working on Joe… aka Mias Joe… aka the man who stood between Park and his ex-wife. He came to St. Bons because he believed he had inoperable cancer (he didn’t) and wanted to ask Park’s forgiveness. He walked away with a clean bill of health and an apology for his role in destroying their marriage.

* After another negative pregnancy test, Morgan began her third round of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

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