Jennifer Lopez has seemingly jumped into her husband’s internet roast, but Insider says she’s over it

Jennifer Lopez has had her fair share of viral moments over the years, but this last one really turned heads. Lopez was in attendance at the 2023 Grammy Awards last Sunday and was joined by her husband, Ben Afflleck. Later, during the show, many viewers at home thought Affleck looked like he didn’t want to be there. The star’s seemingly desolate facial expressions would become meme’d and viral shortly after. Much has been said about the exact reason for his looks, and meanwhile, the internet is in search of the star. Even Lopez apparently joined in on the roast, though a source also claims she’s “overcome” the situation now.

JLo is definitely one who is supportive of her husband and she did just that last week by sharing the trailer for his new basketball movie Air. In the caption to her Instagram post, the singer noted that she “can’t wait” for the film’s release. However, she also made fun of her husband a bit by using a thumbnail that appears for a few seconds before the clip plays. The image in question is a meme that doesn’t quite so subtly reference recent internet roasting. Check out the cheeky pic below:

(Image credit: Instagram by Jennifer Lopez)

I mean, if you can’t joke at the expense of your own spouse, then why get married in the first place? But seriously, it’s pretty funny that the Hustlers star appreciates the humor in the unusual situation. However, one can understand that she would like to move away from the viral moment at this point as well.

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A source for Page Six provided the alleged details of where Jennifer Lopez appears to be on the Ben Affleck/Grammys snafu. Not only does the person claim that she doesn’t want to focus too much on the subject, but she says that shortly after the show she herself was “over it.” It’s an interesting claim, especially given the singer’s recent social media post. Sharing their alleged information, the insider also made a joke of his own:

She knows how much Ben hates awards shows and was over it the next day. May we suggest that she bring her stylist or sister to the next awards show? Less headaches.

Shortly after the show, an insider defended Ben Affleck’s “miserable” facial expressions. They argued that the star was just “tired” and “not himself anymore.” Said person also explained that he simply went to the awards ceremony to “support Jen”. A lipreader also reflected on what Affleck and JLo talked about that night. The person claimed that when the singer whispered to her husband, she asked him to “look kinder,” though he wasn’t thrilled. Additionally, a nearby seat filler claimed Affleck found out he’d been memed while the show was still on.

Given the longevity of the classic “Sad Affleck” meme, it’s likely that these new images will remain in the public consciousness for some time to come. Still, it’s possible that, as with these pics, the star and his wife won’t try to give this new viral sensation more energy than it needs.

Both Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have productions slated for new film releases in 2023, as Shotgun Wedding is now streaming with an Amazon Prime Video subscription and Air is slated to hit theaters on April 5th.

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