JioCinema app not working, hangs: troubleshoot buffering and other streaming issues, lags and crashes

JioCinema, the official digital streaming partner of IPL 2023, has made a blockbuster debut. In a stellar opening weekend, the app and website garnered a whopping 147 million views, more than the entire last season on Disney+ Hotstar’s digital platform.

The average time a viewer spent per game was 57 minutes, and the application — with more than 100 million downloads — eventually ended up at the top of the Free in Entertainment category on the Play Store.

However, the heavy traffic also meant developers had a hard time keeping things under control. Several users complained about poor streaming quality, massive buffering or lag, high data usage, quality of coverage, and other app issues. At the time of writing, it has a 3.9 rating on the Android store.



Below is a list of the issues that most of the users face and a guide on how to fix the issues:

– The basic checks: Sometimes a simple restart is enough to fix the problem. Also, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the application. If that doesn’t work, check if your internet connection is strong enough. There are several free websites to help you with this. Speedtest by Ookla is one of the most popular web services that can check the speed of 5G network bands. If none of these steps work, continue to the next steps. If you are using a browser to log in to JioCinema, clear the browser cache and continue.

– Check if you are using the latest version of the app: JioCinema is in the process of rolling out several updates to improve the user experience. When new versions are introduced, developers often take down old versions of the APK. Usually this comes with the prompt “Mandatory update”. However, this may not always be the case and it doesn’t hurt to check the Play Store for the latest updates.

– Check if you are in the beta version of the app: To get user feedback, developers often make new features of an app available to a few before its official release. However, these experimental features may be less stable than the regular version on the App Store. Errors and crashes can often occur. The JioCinema app also has a beta testing program. Deciding to leave it could improve your user experience. To cancel the program: Open the Play Store > Tap the profile icon > Enter the beta under Manage apps & devices > Tap the JioCinema app icon > Select under You are a beta Tester” select “Exit”.

– Clear app data and cache: Go to your phone settings. Under Applications, navigate to JioCinema. Open and remove user data and cache (if any). You will be prompted to log in again afterwards.

– Force Quit Application: Exceptions can occur when an app is force quit. But even if that happens, you can safely reinstall the app from the Play Store. Log in again with your access data.

– Check App Permissions: Find out if any permissions are interfering with the proper functioning of the app. Permissions that are not mandatory can be abolished.

– Check internal storage: If your device is a bit older, chances are your internal storage is overflowing. A spasm of space can cause your smartphone to malfunction.

If the problem persists and you experience major glitches, you can contact the creators at [email protected] or reach out to them via social media.