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Caption: JLT equipment has proven crucial in helping A/S Løgstrup-Steel deal with downtime in the warehouse. Check out the customer reference here.

JLT mobile phone, mobile phone computers Chosen by LLeading European Switchgear Ccompany A/S Løgstrup-Steel

Rugged vehicle-mounted terminals by JLT Outperform existing technology with more reliable connectivity and more efficient operator interactions.

Vaxjo, Sweden, 11 OOctober 2022 * * * JLT Mobile Computers, a leading developer of reliable computing solutions for demanding environments, has proven crucial in helping A/S Løgstrup-Steel deal with warehouse downtime thanks to modern computer hardware and a more robust and reliable factory-wide network connectivity .

A/S Løgstrup-Steel is a leading Danish manufacturer and supplier of high-quality, modular low-voltage switchgear and switchboards. It designs and develops products that can be adapted to a variety of tasks in data centers, marine and offshore, energy and power transmission, facility management, and manufacturing and process applications.

With such a multitude of use cases comes multiple and extensive BOMs, all of which need to be carefully managed, replenished, tracked, and correctly picked for each product variant. To meet these criteria, A/S Løgstrup-Steel uses a central warehouse management system that interacts with forklift-mounted terminals. However, in the previous setup – introduced a few years ago – the terminals had difficulty switching between wireless access points as trucks navigated the warehouse. The resulting crashes, caused by network problems, often resulted in lengthy reacquisition or restart operations, all of which slashed the warehouse’s productive hours.

The company needed to source a more reliable solution, but needed to maintain optimal operational throughput throughout all phases of testing and installation. So it contacted Danish warehouse IT specialists, Codeex, to help them evaluate several competing systems. After extensive evaluation, JLT’s JLT1214™ rugged forklift computer proved to be the ideal solution, not only because of its robust design and operator interactions, but also because of its vastly superior networking capabilities.

“We have a robust planning and management system that can handle multiple orders at the same time,” explains Henrik Hansen, IT Manager, A/S Løgstrup-Steel. “But when the terminals crashed, many of the efficiencies we get from this software were lost to hardware bugs. The JLT truck terminals supplied by Codeex worked flawlessly both in terms of our employees and the warehouse’s network connectivity. And the addition of a keyboard has accelerated operator interactions, allowing us not only to avoid downtime, but also to optimize our uptime.”

According to Anette Malmström, EMEA Business Unit Director at JLT: “Connectivity is the backbone of modern warehouse operations. It allows workers to connect to business-critical systems in real-time and move or pick items based on a prescribed list of actions or processes. Poor connectivity disrupts this seamless inbound and outbound process, leading to frustration, lost productivity and ultimately negative impact.”

To have complete peace of mind, A/S Løgstrup-Steel was able to test the JLT terminals for a month to ensure that they were not only fit for their role as robust, vehicle-mounted terminals, but also solved the communication problems associated with the incumbent Hardware. The test device was mounted on a shock and vibration-damping RAM mount and equipped with a keyboard.

Malmström emphasizes the importance of “try before you buy” when it comes to warehouse automation solutions. “We guide our customers through the steps they need to take to ensure the best possible performance and profitability. In fact, testing itself is treated as part of the investment, with the mantra that you should try to identify problems as early as possible before they become complex and potentially expensive to fix later.”

The JLT1214 computer’s WiFi and Bluetooth both take advantage of JLT’s built-in high-sensitivity Planar Inverted-F (PIFA) antenna technology, designed for highly reliable wireless connectivity even in challenging environments with weak or uneven coverage.

Like all JLT products, the JLT1214 logistics computer is designed from the ground up to provide maximum reliability and functionality in demanding environments. A high level of integration of features and a compact design ensure fast, reliable and cost-effective installation, even in the tightest of spaces. For more information about JLT Mobile Computers, its products and solutions, visit www.jltmobile.com.

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Reliable performance, less hassle. JLT Mobile Computers is a leading provider of rugged mobile computing devices and solutions for demanding environments. Over 25 years of design and manufacturing experience has enabled us to set the standard in rugged computing by combining superior product quality with expert service, support and solutions to ensure seamless business operations for customers in warehousing, transportation, manufacturing, mining , ports and ensure agriculture. JLT operates worldwide from offices in Sweden and the USA and is complemented by an extensive network of distributors in local markets. The company was founded in 1994 and the stock has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market Stock Exchange since 2002 under the symbol JLT. Eminova Fondkommission AB acts as a certified advisor. Learn more at jltmobile.com.

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