Jobs in the pipeline as the asbestos consultancy opens an office in Wolverhampton

Asbestos consultancy Acorn Analytical Services has opened its fourth regional office for the West Midlands.

Based in Albrighton, Wolverhampton, the office provides a key base for the business in the region, serving clients in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Shropshire.

The opening of the Kingswood Business Park office is a sign of the company’s significant investments in the region, which will result in the creation of jobs for qualified asbestos analysts and trainees.

At the ceremony, attended by Deputy Mayor of Wolverhampton Cllr Michael Hardacre and Deputy Mayor Lynn Plant, Regional Manager Lewis Scott said: “Since opening in Northampton in 2013, Acorn Analytical Services has continued to grow. Supporting thousands of businesses, charities and organizations across the UK, helping educate them about the hidden dangers of asbestos and giving them the information and support they need to ensure asbestos is managed safely and efficiently.

“We have become a trusted partner in many of the communities in which we operate, helping to make public buildings, including schools and hospitals, safer while raising public awareness of mesothelioma – that caused by exposure to asbestos fibers caused cancer – sharpens.

“The opening of this new office marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Acorn, which will allow us to reach new communities across the West Midlands that need our support and will allow us to forge strong, new relationships with businesses across the country to build up the region.”

clr dr Hardacre said: “Your dedication and commitment to the UK asbestos industry is to be commended and we are particularly impressed by your investment in our region which will provide much needed skilled jobs and apprenticeships.

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“We wish you well in all your endeavors, but especially in the work you are doing to make our city safer – protecting people from the dangers of asbestos and mesothelioma, which we know can affect anyone .

“Through your work you are helping to spread the word about the city of Wolverhampton and building strong relationships within our business community. We look forward to seeing your business grow and wish you every success in the future.”

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