Jordan Peterson could face a college tribunal over social media posts

The Ontario College of Psychologists requires Jordan Peterson to complete training “related to professionalism in public speaking,” under a disciplinary measure listed on his college member profile.

Peterson tweeted on January 3: “BREAKING: The Ontario College of Psychologists @CPOntario has required that I undergo mandatory retraining in social media communication with their experts, including for retweeting [Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre] and criticize [Prime Minister Justin Trudeau] and his political allies.”

He said if he doesn’t cooperate with the training, he could face a college disciplinary court and lose his license. The Epoch Times has not received a response from Peterson at the time of publication as to whether he would continue with the workout.

He said on Twitter that he couldn’t post the letter he received from college online for “confidentiality reasons,” but he will “provide all the details as permitted by law.” He said he would be happy to publish any communications with the college if it would agree, although he doubted that would be the case.

The college responded to a query by the Epoch Times by saying, “The college is not authorized to provide this information under the confidentiality provisions of Section 36 of the Regulated Health Professions Act 1991.”

Peterson listed of the kind of comments he made that criticized the college: “Criticism of climate change models. Objections to surgery on gender dysphoric minors. To warn Canadians that when social workers and police threatened to arrest the children of the trucker convoy protesters, it was wrong.”

“Armed” complaints about professional misconduct

Peterson said the “SJW [social justice warrior] Guys have armed the field of professional misconduct complaints.”

Bruce Pardy, executive director of the Rights Probe group, agreed tweet in response: “Professional regulators have become ideological. They are increasingly attempting to monitor political views and expressions. Indeed, to be progressive is to be neutral and reasonable, while non-progression amounts to professional misconduct.” Rights Probe describes itself as a promoter of the classic liberal conception of individual rights and the rule of law.

Pardy cited the example of the Law Society of Ontario trying to “require attorneys and paralegals to declare their support for DIE policies.” He said, “We just barely managed to pick it up.”

He also cited the example of the College of Physicians and Surgeons Ontario prohibiting its licensees from expressing medical opinions that violate COVID-related public health orders. A college tribunal hearing for three Ontario doctors held in November tested the limits of the college’s powers in this regard. The results of this hearing have not yet been announced.

Peterson said the college informed him that about a dozen people had “complained about my public statements on Twitter and…” [on a podcast hosted by Joe] Rogan, over a four-year period (of the 15 million who follow me on social media) claimed that I had “harmed” people (not them) with my views. None of these complainants were his clients, he said.

The college’s website, under “Disciplinary and Other Proceedings,” states for Peterson: “In a decision released on November 22, 2022, the Inquiries, Complaints and Reports Committee decided by Dr. Require Jordan Peterson to successfully complete a required specific continuing education or development program (SCERP). The content of the SCERP is a coaching program to address issues of professionalism in public speaking.”

Peterson said: “To reiterate, I face public shame, mandatory political re-education, disciplinary hearing and potential loss of my clinical license for agreeing with @PierrePoilievre and criticizing our permanent Prime Minister @JustinTrudeau.”

​​Tara MacIsaac is a reporter for the Epoch Times in Toronto.