JUNLALA cooperates with Super Telecom Co., Ltd to promote the development of computing power in China market

San Francisco, California – (Newsfile Corp. – May 25, 2023) – On May 19, JUNLALA, an innovative artificial intelligence company, signed a “strategic cooperation agreement” with Super Telecom Co., Ltd. in the area of ​​computing power. The agreement marks the beginning of global computing power collaboration between Chinese companies and strengthens the deep integration between the two companies. In the future, JUNLALA will be merged with Super Telecom Co., Ltd. Collaborate to improve compute-related services, infrastructure, technology and other related areas that provide security for AI-level computing needs.

JUNLALA works with Super Telecom Co.,Ltd. together

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Super Telecom will support JUNLALA’s software development and application with its communication expertise, while JUNLALA will support Super Telecom in researching cutting-edge technologies. Both companies plan to form a joint venture and collaborate on projects such as AI research and development, including natural language processing tools and image generation. Its goal is to help develop professional communication technology, IoT, new energy and intelligent hardware for first-class customized computing resources and global business system layout.

Currently, Super Telecom is considering accelerating the process of enterprise globalization through algorithm technology, computing power services and other AI-related business systems. With both parties interested in working together, JUNLALA and Super Telecom engaged in proactive business communication. Based on JUNLALA’s successful experience in enterprise-level AI text-to-image, AI intelligent dialogue applications and AI application platform technology, coupled with Super Telecom’s extensive research in edge computing, cloud computing, AI and related fields, the two companies promptly outlined a joint development plan for future business ventures.

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For its first foray into business cooperation, JUNLALA sets its sights on China, which is currently in a period of rapid technological advancement. When selecting partners, JUNLALA, whose research includes machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing and image recognition, is guided by the principles of complementary technologies, shared vision and goals, and similar industry dynamics. In line with these principles, JUNLALA has joined Super Telecom Co.,Ltd. involved, a company dedicated to cutting-edge technology research, deeply rooted in 5G, Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing and other engineering fields.

With computing power as the foundation, JUNLALA and Super Telecom Communication have established a highly compatible and mutually beneficial business system.

About Super Telecom

Super Telecom has opened 25 branches and operates 11 subsidiaries across China. It is a large full-service communications technology provider that provides comprehensive solutions in the Internet of Things industry and operates as a comprehensive IDC service provider in China. The company serves as executive director of China Communications Enterprise Association and director of Guangdong Internet of Things Association. It has won numerous titles, including the Leading Enterprise award and recognition as one of the 2021 Guangdong Top 100 Innovative Enterprises.


JUNLALA, an early AI player, introduced JunLaLa AI in 2023, which became popular among youngsters due to its simple design and powerful functions. It leverages Model Warehouse to enable diagramming/graphing, model training, and image creation. In addition, the first-of-its-kind AI Commander module, which offers features such as AI chat, AI creation, tool recommendation, and community communication, has been highly praised by users.

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