Justin Wong comments on his own Capcom vs. SNK 2 grand finale at the Texas Showdown tournament

Of course, most of the commentators we have here in the fighting game community are strong players themselves, but events don’t usually ask them to do both at the same time.

Legendary gamer Justin Wong took on double duty at this weekend’s Texas Showdown 2023, commenting on his own top 8 matches in Capcom vs. SNK 2, including his grand finale.

Despite the stacked bracket, JWong annotated all 4 of his 8 best CvS2 matches from the stage while Mister J stayed on the desk to hold the line.

Against the 2022 Texas Showdown CvS2 champion, umthrfkr managed to win the set 2-0 before being sent to the losers bracket by Japanese player Coates|Bas.

Justin would defeat Silentscope in the losers final to get another shot at Bas on stage while staying at his mic, which is certainly admirable when you’re up against such world-class opponents.

Of course, Wong isn’t as talkative when sitting in the player’s seat, but he still comments on the game and offers insights into his own strategies as well as his opponents’ intentions.

Justin @JWonggg is actually out here commenting while playing the grand finale of CVS2 pic.twitter.com/gKGPWMQDFu

— Sherry Nhan @ Texas Showdown (@sherryjenix) April 23, 2023

Justin has plenty of experience playing and speaking at the same time through his streams, although it’s a bit different when you’re on stage at a tournament trying to strike up a conversation with your co-commentator.

Though he had a good run beating classic Sagat, Vega and Chun-Li, JWong would fall again to Bas in the grand finals, which doesn’t seem too jarring on him.

The full top 8 for CvS2 at Texas Showdown this year is a blast as it features even more players like Combo Fiend, RonOasis, Ericturbo and Sonic_O, so make sure to catch it on HXCGaming’s Twitch archives if you missed it live .

Finished second in CVS2 against 🐐 @Ryo151 but it was fun to comment and play at the same time!!

Hope you all had fun

— Justin Wong (@JWonggg) April 23, 2023