Kaspersky protects connected cars

Kaspersky has announced that it will develop an Automotive Secure Gateway (KASG) based on its KasperskyOS operating system.

At its annual Kaspersky Cyber ​​Security Weekend META last month, the cybersecurity company told media that the gateway can be installed on the telematics, or central unit, of an ARM architecture car. Such a solution protects the car from hacker attacks, provides secure over-the-air update of both the gateway itself and the car’s electronic components, allows collecting logs from the car’s internal network and sending them to the security monitoring center.

The development started after the publication of regulatory documents on cybersecurity in the automotive industry, prepared by the UN commission WP.29, which includes 63 countries. Some of the requirements came into effect in 2022. By 2024, a certification system must be introduced that obliges manufacturers to comply with cyber security requirements and to integrate security solutions into cars as early as the assembly line phase.

The regulatory framework stipulates that new systems for cars should be designed and developed according to the secure-by-design principle. This means that security must be built into solutions as early as the design and development phase. Kaspersky offers this principle with its cyber-immune operating system KasperskyOS.

Kaspersky develops the Kaspersky Automotive Secure Gateway not only according to the requirements for cyber security, but also according to the international standard for functional safety, ISO 26262.

“The security issues of connected cars are so important today that they are discussed at the level of international organizations,” says Andrey Suvorov, head of KasperskyOS business unit at Kaspersky. “This is an example of how the industry itself is looking for solutions for cybersecurity professionals and is ready to certify and make them mandatory.

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“The regulatory requirements of the UN Commission WP.29 gave the development of the information security market in the automotive industry a significant boost. We started the development of Kaspersky Automotive Secure Gateway by analyzing the requirements of the new regulation and creating a connected vehicle threat model.”

Cyber ​​immunity is the “inherent” protection of an IT system – its ability to withstand cyber attacks without additional (applied) security tools. The overwhelming majority of types of attacks on a cyber immune system are ineffective and unable to compromise its critical functions.

Kaspersky says it pioneered the Cyber ​​Immune approach to building IT solutions and has developed its own KasperskyOS operating system as a platform for building Cyber ​​Immune products. Cyber-immune products running on KasperskyOS are in demand in industries where IT systems are subject to higher cybersecurity, reliability and predictability requirements, such as B. in manufacturing, in the energy sector, in transport infrastructure and in smart city systems.

* For more information, see https://os.kaspersky.com/