Ke Huy Quan’s Secret Loki Role in Season 2: Everything We Know

Following his Oscar-winning return to Hollywood in All at Once, Ke Huy Quan is set to play a mysterious new role in season 2 of Loki.

The Vietnam-born actor is enjoying his time back in the spotlight years away from Hollywood, and having starred in films like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and The Goonies, he’s now ready for his MCU -Debut.

Not much is known about Quan’s character, but there have been hints that the superpowered Disney+ series appears to be slated for a later summer release date.

A newcomer to Marvel Studios season 2 of Loki

Back at D23 Expo 2022, it was confirmed that Ke Huy Quan would be collaborating with the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson and Sophia Di Martino in Season 2 of Marvel Studios ‘Loki’.

Marvel has yet to provide official details on Quan’s mysterious role, as the character has not been absent from any publicly released footage.

In December 2022, insider Daniel Richtman posted on his Patreon that the all-everywhere-at-once star would play a character named Ouroboros in the streaming series.

Richtman described the role as “Q of the TVA and responsible for all engineering,” referring to the Q character from the James Bond franchise. In these films, Q acts as the head of the fictional Q department of the British Secret Service, providing all sorts of wild technology and gadgets to the Bureau’s agents.

This likely means Quan will serve the same purpose for the Multiversal TVA (Time Variance Authority) run by He Who Remains, a variant of the villainous Kang the Conqueror.

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Ke Huy Quan’s D23 debut Marvel Studios

Fans attending D23 Expo 2022 in Anaheim, California were fortunate enough to get a taste of what to expect from Ke Huy Quan’s TVA techie in footage shown at the event.

The clip showed Quan briefly interacting with Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Owen Wilson’s Mobius in what appeared to be an archive room within TVA. The room was lined with all sorts of multiversal artifacts and trinkets from all times and spaces, with Quan’s character smiling warmly at the Season 1 duo.

It remains unclear what significant role Quan will play in the series; However, since he’s been spotted posing with other Loki headliners, he’s likely to play a big part in the events of season two.

What to expect from Loki in season 2

While details surrounding Ke Huy Quan remain scarce in Loki Season 2, there’s still much to be learned from the nuggets of information that have found their way out.

Based on Daniel Ritchman’s description of the Oscar winner’s character, he will surely be vital to Loki’s multiversal quest to defeat Kang.

The main takeaway of the streaming series’ second season has been described as “searching for…Kang variants to map and see the extent of their control over time.” So, with this proliferation of various Kangs, Loki and Co. you have to be equipped with the very best to take on Jonathan Majors’ Marvel Big Bad.

That seems to be where someone like Quans Ouroboros would come in. Just as Q would ensure 007’s success on a dangerous mission, Quan’s MCU character will apparently do the same for Loki’s heroes.

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Aside from rocket-tipped Aston Martins and dagger-adorned shoes, Ouroboros will apparently provide the team with whatever multiversal artifacts stored in the TVA.

Perhaps the mysterious character will even join Loki’s crew in battle, acting as a kind of mobile barracks for all sorts of cross-universe gadgets and gizmos.

Season 2 of Loki is slated to release sometime this summer on Disney+.