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Couples who have been unable to legalize their marriage can now access marriage certificates online. On Friday, the chief secretary of the Immigration and Citizen Services, Prof. Julius Bitok, said that the certificates can be obtained conveniently by phone or other electronic devices after registering the mutual consent.

The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (AG) and the Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with e-citizen, have developed an online platform that enables customers to use various services of the registrar to apply for all services online.

“If you want to get married, you can now apply for a marriage license from the comfort of your phone, where you apply online, go to job interviews and get your marriage license online,” Prof Bitok said.

According to Bitok, a total of 5,318 services are now available on e-citizen as the government aims to increase annual revenue from the digital platform tenfold.

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The services can be accessed via mobile phones and the government has set a target of doubling the number of services by mid-year.

Bitok spoke in Nakuru, where he completed a workshop on digitizing services of national and regional government ministries and agencies and integrating them into the e-citizen platform.

The three-week meeting was also attended by digital service platform providers and telecom companies.

Prof Bitok said the e-citizen platform will provide Kenyans with services cheaper as it will save travel and time spent on physical visits to government offices.

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“One of the main benefits of digitization is that it lowers the cost of government services to citizens,” he said.

According to PS, the government is also counting on integrating all its services into E-Citizen to increase its daily revenue from Sh80 million to Sh1 billion.

“The other benefit is that this increases sales by reducing leakage,” he said.

President William Ruto had directed the State Department’s e-Citizens Directorate of Immigration and Citizen Services to ensure more than 5,000 services are digitized to ease access to government services.

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