Kerala girl, 11, develops AI app to detect eye diseases

An 11-year-old Malayali girl from Dubai has developed an artificial intelligence-based application that she claims can detect various eye diseases and conditions. Leena Rafeeq took to LinkedIn to announce her unique creation that uses scanning through an iPhone. The app, called Ogler EyeScan, was developed when Leena was 10 years old.

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She shared that the app is currently under review in Apple’s App Store and hopes it will be approved soon.

She posted a video demonstrating how her app works, showing how the Ogler EyeScan used trained models to identify conditions like arcus, melanoma, pterygium and cataract. Leena claimed that the app “can analyze parameters such as light and color intensity, distance, and lookup points to locate eyes within the frame area” using advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms. It also identifies problems with light bursts and whether the eyes are accurately positioned within the scanner frame, she added.

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Leena revealed more details about her innovation, saying that after six months of research and development, it was built natively with SwiftUI without any third-party libraries or packages.

During the development process, the self-taught programmer said she gained more knowledge about “eye diseases, computer vision, algorithms, machine learning models, and advanced levels of Apple iOS development including sensor data, AR, CreateML, CoreML.” The app is currently only supported in iPhone 10 and later with iOS 16+.

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Netizens took to the comments section to praise Leena for her performance at such a young age. One user remarked that this is a great example of AI reducing health. To users inquiring about the app’s accuracy, Leena said it’s currently close to 70 percent. However, she shared difficulties with “glare and light flashes caused by the distance required to take scans.” To solve this problem, metrics and detection for light-related issues are provided to allow users to rerun the scan. She also announced that an update will be announced after the App Store has accepted the Ogler EyeScan.

11-year-old Leena Rafeeq. (LinkedIn)

Leena’s younger sister Hana had previously gone viral for becoming the youngest iOS app developer at age 9 by developing a storytelling app. The feat even caught the attention of Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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