Kevin Alves Reveals Emotional Cut Content Of Yellowjackets Season 2 Finale

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It’s pretty hard to stop thinking about the crazy Yellowjackets finale. So much happened! It’s hard to say which moment was the most shocking, but one in particular stands out. Obviously there are spoilers. So if you haven’t seen the episode yet, I would advise you to stop reading. It turns out that the scene where Travis (Kevin Alves) eats his brother’s heart was cut for size reasons.

In the episode, Travis is the first to bite his brother’s body, signaling to the other girls that it’s okay to continue eating. Turns out the original cut contained more talk about what Travis was up to, according to an interview Alves gave with ET.

Alves was asked “what’s on Travis’ mind” as he takes his first bite of his brother’s carcass. Alves said: “You know, there’s the conversation he has with Van and the original cut of that was actually a bit longer. In the episode, we now see the end of their conversation. “

So what was the part of the conversation that we couldn’t see? Apparently, “everyone says it straight to his face, ‘Do you want to die honoring your brother or do you want to survive?'” That’s the choice he faces with his brother’s death. Like, ‘Will it just be free?’”

There was so much at stake for the characters because one person’s death means everyone else’s life.

“Because they’re starving and there’s a chance they’ll never get out. And so in many ways his decision in this case is because he’s trying to be a little closer to his brother. He wants to be a little bit closer to him now because he feels like he should have been.”

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Brutally. There aren’t many shows where an older brother has to eat a younger one. Yellowjackets really are something.

In an interview with the AV Club, Alves also revealed how this big scene, and the finale as a whole, sets the series up for a lush third season.

In fact, he said that the fact that the finale was so “heavy and somber” helped set the stage for “the most exciting third season to come.” He is “so excited” about the future.

The entire season is currently streaming and the finale will air Sunday night on Showtime.

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