Kevin Durant angers Jason McIntyre over social media criticism


June 27, 2023 | 6:30 p.m

Kevin Durant has never shied away from smacking his critics on social media, and this week he was at it again.

This time, his target was podcaster and The Herd with Colin Cowherd actor Jason McIntyre.

The Phoenix Suns star and former Brooklyn Net didn’t seem particularly kind to McIntyre when he said one of the game’s best players needed to make a living instead of worrying about what’s being said about him on social media.

Durant caught wind of what McIntyre was saying and apparently wrote a message to the sports speaker.

“If you say something not so nice, you get, ‘You’re such a clown.’ You don’t even like sports. “You look like an acting student,” McIntyre told his audience, which Durant wrote to him.

“I do not know what that means. I’ve never taken an acting class in my life,” continued McIntyre, who hosts the Straight Fire podcast. “I said to KD, ‘One of the top 15 players in NBA history arguing with anonymous fools in a comment section, it was never your mark when you won MVP and two titles and Finals MVPs.'” Why change now?’ā€

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“He just got personal. “You’re an idiot, blah blah blah. He used the “P word” to describe me. He calls me “broke boy”. It’s none of that business.”

This all started after Durant took part in a Twitter Spaces debate titled “Kevin Durant isn’t in the top 5.”

The NBA superstar called the way they “look at the game” “gorgeous.”

Jason McIntyre Jason McIntyre

McIntyre, who described himself as a Durant fan, slammed him for it, telling him he needed to get out there, have fun and “forget what Jabronis are saying on social media.”

Durant has been widely criticized for his handling of social media and his general handling of media criticism.

He has hit back at comments from the likes of Hall of Famer Charles Barkley on TV and hit out at Nets fans on Twitter who have taken issue with his time in Kings County and the way he left.

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“Kevin Durant needs to come to life… Let your resume speak for itself. You have a phenomenal CVā€¦ Why are you arguing about it with a bunch of idiots on the internet?ā€

Jason McIntyre on KD gets down to business with fans on Twitter

(via @TheVolumeSports)

ā€” ClutchPoints (@ClutchPointsApp) June 26, 2023

Now, Durant is in a prime position with the Suns to help them advance to the NBA Finals after the team traded for Bradley Beal this season.

This means that expectations of him and his team will be high, and there may be more critics to fight back against.

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