Kevin McCarthy won on the 15th ballot as speaker, but Katie Porter won on the internet

It was noisy late into the night on the floor of the House of Representatives where Matt Gaetz Kevin McCarthy the Speaker of the House at 14 his eyes had to be restrained. McCarthy finally secured the position after six objectors voted “present” on the 15th ballot. He will almost certainly regret whatever he gave up to secure it. Meanwhile, Democrat Katie Porter (cover photo above) delivered the necessary message for the other side of the aisle. (WashPo)

Meanwhile, in news that sadly isn’t even shocking anymore, a Conservative leader has been accused of sexually assaulting a male employee, because again, everything they accuse the Liberals of is 100% projection. – (Jezebel)

One of the last times I saw you all, things weren’t looking good for Bam Margera. He came through and talks about his hospitalization on Steve-O’s podcast. – (variety)

Let’s learn a little more about 25-year-old Maxwell Alejandro Frost, the first member of Gen Z — and the first Afro-Cuban — to be elected to Congress. – (TV)

Is modern life ruining our ability to concentrate? sorry what? I got distracted by a video on my phone… – (The Guardian)

Really there will be History of the World PART II? – (TMS)

Van Leeuwen, makers of the limited edition Gray Poupon, Macaroni and Cheese and Pizza ice cream flavors have much tastier offerings for winter 2023. I wonder if the King Cake Pints ​​will feature a tiny plastic baby? – (TIB)

Speaking of expensive groceries, Cardi B. has noticed the emmereffing increases in grocery prices, and she has quite a few things to say. – (Lainey Gossip)

Viola Davis’ dress has pockets! – (GFY)

And she wore the same dress in a different colorway for this article. It’s a really good dress! – (CNN)

Since 50 years, Schoolhouse Rock taught us how a bill becomes a law and what the function of a conjunction is. – (Today)

pieces parts of spare part are leaking and this bit about kate middleton losing her shit because meghan markle told her kate probably forgot something because she had ‘baby brains’ is driving me crazy! Do you think Kate thought Meghan would tell her she had baby brains? Like a little, little baby brain? Is “Baby Brain” an American proverb? – (celebrity)

The whole “Nepo baby” talk is frankly boring to me. I do not care. Maybe I should? I just don’t. Still, Tom Hanks felt he had to add his two cents to the discussion, and, well, I don’t know if that was particularly helpful. – (listed)

Okay, so I got the impression the police overreacted to Veronica Tejera leaving her sleeping children unattended in a hotel room while she rode in the ambulance with her dying husband, ABC News’ Dax Tejera. Apparently the two left the kids alone at dinner, and then The medical trip took place. – (scary mom)


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